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New NorthWestern Pacific Railroad 2011 video (NWPRR)

In June 2011 The NorthWestern Pacific Railroad restarted operations after 10 years of non-operation See the new railroad in operation with cab ride, Night sh...

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Comment by Ron Close on April 1, 2012 at 2:07pm

I highly recommend Roger Graeber's "The New Northwestern Pacific Railroad Co."  video on DVD (2 discs / 2 hrs.).  This high quality video covers NWP and associated rail operations during the time frame 1964 to 2011.  Disc-1 opens with a brief and simplified history of railroad operations beginning with the devastating Christmas Flood of 1964.   A rare 1965 audio clip featuring quotes from C. E. Neal (VP and GM of NWPRR) describing the severe fiscal and operational impacts suffered by the NWP is heard while sobering images of catastrophic track and bridge damage are shown.   Roger also describes the evolution of rail operations beginning in 1984 with the Eureka Southern.  Rare vintage photos and video clips show the Eureka Southern, North Coast Daylight, North Coast Railroad, California Northern, and Railways, Inc.  The current NWP story is continued with resumption of regular rail service in July, 2011 by the Northwestern Pacific Railroad Co. 

This video shows all aspects of the current NWP operations from Schellville to Brazos, and from Brazos to Petaluma.  Of particular interest, switching operations in Schellville and Petaluma  are shown, including operations at the customer's facilities.  Captions are inserted frequently throughout the video describing switching operations, video locations, and general points of interest.
Special highlights include in-cab video from an engineer's perspective showing bridge crossings at Brazos and Black Point.  Swing bridge rotations at Black Point and Haystack Landing are cleverly shown at 4x video speed for expediency sake.
Short video clips from fellow site members Steve Atnip and Mike Davis are included which show train operations in locations of interest that Roger wasn't able to capture.
The DVD set is available from  All proceeds go to the NWPRRHS Library / Archive Fund.
Ron Close
Petaluma, CA.
Comment by Steve Atnip on March 24, 2012 at 2:47pm

Just got through watching a great video. Great job Roger! Great summary of the beginning and 1st (partial) year of operations.

Comment by Roger Graeber on March 20, 2012 at 10:32am

oops!! I did not mean to imply that this is a blu-ray DVD. The NWPco 2011 is a STANDARD DVD but plays with HD resolution in a 4X3 aspect ratio. You can play it on a standard tv with a Normal DVD player. Sorry Roger

Comment by Roger Graeber on March 20, 2012 at 7:46am

The new NWPco 2011 DVD is now available 2 discs 2 hours Best viewed from a blu-ray player on an HDTV. Features Cab Ride, Night video, all Four customers, track work and both engines. Available from

Comment by Gus Campagna on March 15, 2012 at 8:10pm

Another superb video Roger, Thanks for doing this and donating the results to the NWPRRHS.


Comment by Bob Burns on March 8, 2012 at 9:13pm


    A great video, thanks for sharing!

Bob B.

Comment by roky on March 6, 2012 at 5:37pm

the tracks go about half a mile past the depot. after that thy've been ripped up, but you can still see remnants at crossings.

Comment by Charles Forssi on March 6, 2012 at 5:18pm

How much farther do the tracks go north from Schellville? Do they ever go past the station where they park?

Comment by Roger Graeber on March 6, 2012 at 8:33am

Video is available from also I will have them for sale at Winterail. I had to make a minor change that is why you have a new one on the web

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