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Some news on THA, We are getting closer to Trains running again!

Found out some handy information on THA from a fellow NWP fan.
One, current operating negotiations between THA and NRCA specify speeder-only on the Samoa, Eureka, Fortuna, and Loleta segments. Two, the closest thing operable in the collection (that isn't Falk 1) is a 44 tonner in 
mid-restoration state, and everything in the facilities is landlocked from the NWP, sitting on panel track. Three, the museum's current goals (obviously dictated on financial terms) area to finish buying the Samoa facility and developing the restoration facilities/museum grounds first, then work on operating rights once there is no eviction threat, when there is operable equipment, and when we get our name out there in the local community, right now we're still fairly obscure. 

Fortunately right now our local popularity is growing and fortunately the Humboldt Bay trail projet is a rail-with-trail deal, but until our equipment is restored and FRA-legal, the track/bridges/crossings are restored back to FRA-spec, we have operating consent from Arcata/Eureka, and we get trained railroaders in our ranks, actual train operations are still a when in a distant future. Right now we only have consent to clear brush and flangeways, no actual track work is permitted at the moment. There've been some other segments cleaned too, but not by us. Local law enforcement has really cracked down on the homeless encampments on the tracks, there's been defoliation in west Arcata, near Bayshore Mall, and south Fortuna too.

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