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  Thanks, guys, for posting both videos and photos onto site. However, it would be good if the videos showed something other than a single engine running light and if videos were taken when NWP train was in near distance rather than at far distance. In terms of photos, one photo of a scene is enough. 3 photos of same scene is a bit boring due to repetitiveness of images. If there is a clear difference in shots taken it is fine but 3 of basically same image is hard to fathom why posted.

    I have been to railfan shows where someone will shoot an entire train of grain cars or double stacks which becomes monotonous to view. Especially when it is video presentation . I, for one, would rather spend hours sittiing at Keddie Wye seeing maybe only one train than sit watching endless stream of grain train or double stack train UNLESS something unusual is shown. I have also been exposed to slide shows of either terribly over exposed or grossly under exposed images.  Edit is a 4 letter word. If not used other 4 letter words come to mind.

   Thanks for the posted images which have all be well exposed and since I am not in position to view operations on NWP  I appreciate those who do, photograph/video and post.  Steve Bell

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