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Comment by Richard C. Brand on August 12, 2018 at 10:23pm

Any new location info on the Tuolumne Daylight car which had sat up on a spur in Healdsburg and then in Windsor?  I had hoped to see her last month but then only found plywood covers and broken window glass when I stopped at the Windsor spur.

I find it sad to see the historic fleet of the SP/NWP left stranded along the old RoW now being moved out for use as private rail cars.  Much better than worrying about SMART to Cloverdale.

LOng live the NWP!

Comment by Richard C. Brand on September 14, 2017 at 11:28pm

Good point on the spelling.   Of course any nomenclature including spelling is up to the entity selecting and using it.

But SP did employ many existing names from the region in which they operated and the name on the coach is not the correct spelling for the location in Yosemite.  I have had the privilege to spend time in the ex-SP Daylight car Yosemite Falls coach and so I would expect that SP would have marked this car with the correct spelling.

But this lettering looks recent.  Could it be that SP had it right but that the recent owners had it repainted by someone unfamiliar with the unique places in our state?

At least it is being preserved and no longer at the builders supply yard in Healdsberg. 

Maybe we need to organize an NWPRR event on the NVRR when these cars are back on the rails.

Mark D?

Comment by Joey Meuleman on September 14, 2017 at 2:47pm

You're welcome Richard. I found this postcard recently and thought it was interesting, first being in Schellville and secondly being an SP-T&NO 3 digit unit with the icicle breakers and a snowplow. I don't think T&NO had much use for those. After a little research, I found that this was a passenger service unit that was capable of being a leader in places such as Donner, and also that it was one used around the Bay area.

I would guess also that the Tuolumne would be going to NVRR with the other large windowed ex-Shasta Daylight cars. It sure would be nice if the NVRR repainted these cars in the same Daylight colors but, I won't hold my breath!

Lastly, did they misspell "Tuolumne" - "Tuolomne" on the car?

Comment by Richard C. Brand on September 14, 2017 at 1:50pm


Thanks for this and the other picts you have posted over the years.  One of your picts of another aging Daylight car "Lake Pepin" sitting in Napa is timely given the recent move of the "Tuolomne" to Windsor. 

If you look at the condition of the Lake Pepin one can see how much less rust shows on Tuolomne.  Guess that will soon be running in the NVRR fleet.

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