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NWP locomotives

  These locomotives were parked here in early 1997, after the northern part of the line shut down due to no money, and a lot of issues with the environment.  Ever since early 1997 when the line was shut down, these trains have been slowly rotting away, due to rain and other weather in Eureka, and they are covered in graffiti. We want to save them, because these kind of locomotives are extremely rare now these days. (Correct me if I'm wrong)     The top picture shows the current condition of these locomotives. #3190 is on the end of these locomotives, near the rear of the photo. You may notice the fence next to the locomotives, Eureka put it up to "preserve" the artwork on the locomotives. Although this fence is up, some people have vandalized the fence. CCT #3190 hauled President Eisenhower, and it hauled the famous Powhatan Arrow.
     If you want these locomotives to be saved, post what you think. The bottom image is what it looked like before the rotting happened, and the railroad was not maintained. Abandoning these trains, in my opinion, is not good for the NWP or the environment. 


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