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General question.

 I went to Roots last Octoberish and was very disappointed that I didn't get to see NWP 13. The gal at the front desk of the museum said that unless someone specifically was there to give a tour I was SOL and the building was locked up tight.  She also mentioned the work shop area was strictly off limits. Of course she said that AFTER my wife and I paid our toll, grrr. I of course went out to the shop area there anyway and checked out the equipment since I drove about 200+ miles and know how not to get myself in trouble. My question for those involved is, are there specific days that people are there to give tours of NWP 13? I would love to actually meet up with someone who knows the equipment as the front desk gal seemed more like a volunteer for the county or something. My second question is, inside the museum part they were showing a video of the NWP. Does anybody know if this is the Catenary Productions video currently offered by the NWPRRHS? If not, has anybody seen it and can recommend it?

Thank you for your time,


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Hi Cory,
I'm sorry you missed the opportunity to view or ride in NWP #13.
It is best to go one of the festivals that ROOTS puts on. In September they have a great BBQ and they operate most of their equipment at that time. They also have a July 4th shindig that is open to the public. check out their website for more details.
I'm not sure what DVD was playing at the museum, but if it was Rails to the Redwood Empire, it is a very good film. I've enjoyed it over and over and an fascinated each time I see it.
ROOTS and the Museum are two separate entities, they just share some space.
Ah Gus, perhaps that is the heart of the matter. I guess I assumed the Roots and the museum were a little more integrated, if they are run as completely separate entities that would explain a lot. I will definitely have to check out the events they put on, I didn't know you could RIDE in it! How cool! I think Rails to the Redwood Empire was the one I was thinking about. How much is the society selling those for with shipping and tax for a Kahlifornia guy? I need to just add you to speed dial Gus, for some reason it seems like you know EVERYTHING =P. If I ever were on Millionaire you would have to be my phone a friend lol.


Hi Cory,
From the site:
Newly re-issued and updated "Rails to the Redwood Empire" from Don Olsen on DVD
Available Now for $40.95 including tax and shipping.
Send check or money order to NWPRRHS PO Box 667, Santa Rosa CA 95402-0667.
Gus (head growing larger each day) Campagna


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