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I was trying to reply, not start a new thread.  Anyways.  They're not so bad right now, because they're not mining anyplace along the Russian river.  Once rail service is available they want to start gravel mining the river north of Healdsburg out in like  AV.    Not stoked about it.  


The Russian River is major component in the sustainability of the Sonoma Valley.  Gravel mining is done in the purview of the river.  Just thinking "carloads" at the expense of the environment is not worth it for any of us that love our river(s) and Valley.  Quarrying can be accomplished in a sustainable fashion.

JOe, as I noted in our recent dialog about "nwp1" Syar (that name for that quarry is new to me) has an existing spur entering their property from south of the RR bridge (this is where I thought that picture was taken).  What is holding up NWP service up to their location?   SMART or FRA or both?

NWP/NCRA does not have funds to rebuild to Healdsburg just yet, which doesn't allow the FRA to open that stretch of line. 


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