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I have some Sanborn Maps of Point Reyes Station dated 1928. They clearly show the tracks, turntable, engine house, etc. but they do not indicate which tracks were narrow gauge, standard gauge, or dual gauge. Various photos out there show some of the dual-gauge track in Point Reyes Station, but my question is: is there any resource which accurately shows which tracks in Point Reyes Station in the 1920s were narrow, standard, or dual gauge? Thank you in advance for any leads on this information.

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     Great photo and maps! I really had no idea there was that MUCH trackage Pt. Reyes Station! My family had a dairy at Ocean Roar in the 1890s, they also spent sometime out on the Pierce Ranch ( where the entrance to McClure Beach is) on Pt Reyes before moving to the Tomales - Fallon area. After more cousins immigrated from Ireland my Dads side of the family moved closer to Petaluma in 1919 and built a dairy on Springhill Rd. He remembered riding the trains from Tomales.  If my cousin was still alive I'm sure he could have answered your questions.


Bob B.


Very nice find. Quite the railroad yard. I might have to update my North Pacific Coast RR google map.

The NWPRRHS has a map made by Allen Tacy showing the 1930 Pint Reyes yard and delineating which tracks are dual, narrow, or broad. They can also be found up at the California Room at the Marin Civic Center--along with the rest of Allen Tacy's map collections.   Cant' be checked out but you can dupe 'em and what not.

Thanks Tommy, that is a great lead. I'll have to look into visiting the Civic Center.

accept my friend request so I can msg you details. might be able to save you a trip.

Well, here's solid evidence (see photo, linked above) that the Point Reyes Station yard had both narrow and standard gauge track.  (TT mentions broad gauge below, but the only broad gauge in Marin that I know about was the Mt. Tam Scenic RR.)

AFAIK, the line out to Point Reyes was originally built as 3-foot narrow gauge.  Standard gauge must have been added later.  (Imagine all the upgrades to bridges, trestles, cuts, and tunnels required.)  But when was this done?

Jason asks (above) for details on the Point Reyes Station plan as to which tracks were narrow, standard, or both, and TT offers some help below.  But I notice in that second PDF, in the lower-right, the track detailed there appears to be shown as dual-gauge, but not elsewhere in the drawings.  These drawings are otherwise a gold mine of detail.

Jason:  were you able to obtain the information you were looking for, beyond what you've linked above?


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