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I've created a custom google map of NWP 2011. It's just a start...want to do lots more with it.

You can see it here:  Northwestern Pacific RR 2011 

Any comments, corrections, etc. are most appreciated.



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It would be cool if your map showed the locations of current customers on the NWP.  Cool Map though.  Great Job


I did add the three customers that I know of

In Petaluma

Dairyman's Feed & Supply

Hunt & Behrens Feed Mill


In Windsor

Standard Structures


Here's the link again: Google Map of NWP 2011

Thanks James.

It IS hand drawn. I used the Google line-drawing tool, where you set down one end of the line and then choose the other end and set that down. For curves, I had to use short lines. For straight-aways, I was able to scroll the map to where I wanted to set the second end down.

It was somewhat time consuming. Glad I chose just to draw the current ROW!



Hi, Al.

Very impressive project.

The marker for Dairymen's should be moved a bit further north to the junction of Baylis and Copeland Streets.  It currently is set on the barn housing the DeCarli Trolley Museum at 110 Baylis Street.  The Dairymens mill is at the end of Copeland where the new siding curves in from the mainline.

The Google overhead view shows the NWPRRHS restoration projects at the DeCarli yard along the East Washington Street fence.  The silver tarp-covered car next to the two-story building is Central Pacific coach 29/NWP coach 123 (built in 1869).  To its right under another tarp is NWP baggage car 605 (former San Francisco 7 North Pacific Baggage 5.  The reddish car next to the white pickup truck is Petaluma & Santa Rosa Caboose 1 (former CP/SP 272).  Petaluma Trolley's P&SR No. 5 is the yellow diesel locomotive in line with Caboose 1.  The Restoration Team will be starting work again next Saturday (Jan 14), and will be there every other Saturday.  Everyone is invited to drop in to see the projects.

The P&SR mainline track is still in place along Copeland Street north of Washington.  No. 5 backs out onto the mainline track every so often.  Until the Army Corps of Engineers removed the trestle, the line continued across the Petaluma River to Hunt & Behrens and up to Park Siding.  The P&SR yard was in the vacant lot south of Washington between Copeland and Weller.  The car barn site is at the green patch of weeds in the southwest corner, at the intersection of D Street and Weller.  The car barn burned down in September 2001.


Thanks for all the great info Mike. I'll make the corrections over the next few days.


nice map


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