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I am looking for additional photos of the Willits and Eureka roundhouses and the yard tracks. I have one or two of each and am looking for additional ones so I can model these facilities more accirately. I do know that Willits had a Wye track that ran through the roundhouse there. However, I have also walked that entire area and I found the concrete foundation on the turntable that was there.

I have found and walked around the Eureka roundhouse (1996) and service tracks years ago but did not have a camera with me at the time. The raised bed for the balloon track was still there if you knew where to look. Years of neglect back then had all but camoflaged the roadbed with bushes and trees. As a matter of fact, there was a 6" to 8"tree growing up through the pit of the tuentable in 1996. The roundhouse was completely gone back then. Only the foundation and tracks embedded into the concrete slab floor remained.

I am looking for any stations, tracks, or scenery photos between Willits and Eureka also for modeling reference.


Thanks in advance,



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Scott, if you go to my page and Bob Hogan's page you can find numerous photos of the Eureka round house and yards form the late 50's and early 60's. Drew Jacksich has numerous photos of the Willits round house on The Willits roundhouse had a unique arrangement with a turntable accessed by passing through a roundhouse stall. The stalls were accessed by a series of switches instead of a turntable.

Another great resource is the library collection of photos of Humboldt State University. They can be accessed at:

If you enter Schuster you can find dozens of aerial photos of Humboldt county taken in the 40's and 50's.

I hope this helps!

Richard Todd

According to the new "Images of Rail- The NWP Eureka to Willits" book, the roundhouse was demolished in 1971 in Eureka. There's one or two photos of it being torn down, along with the old depot. 


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