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Northwestern Pacific Railroad, Inc.'s website, or Why is it so, well, horrible?

Has anybody talked to them about their website?  To put it bluntly, their current website stinks!  They need pictures, current ops, maps, plans for future ops, etc.   

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This could also be a personnel or staffing issue... Who do they employee? A few conductors/engineers, a general manager, maybe a as needed mechanic or electrician? The train crew are probably only paid to run the trains and not loiter around an office. I guarantee that no one is full time. The general manager is probably doing paperwork for the trains running.  Although they have the money, to put together a simple site, its probably low on the list. They could get someone to make it, but they need to tell that someone how to put it together. Their management is probably busy working with SMART, NCRA, Customers, Potential New Customers, and Track issues, and the time has never came. My company get busy at times and we have to shelve the less important tasks all the time. Trust me, they have a site, they know the importance of having one, but currently there is no business need to do so. 

i agree they need todo some then about there webpage =/

I would think any legitimate shipper would have been in contact with NWP as soon as they started to operate, and the website would have no real effect on that. I think it would be interesting to go to a nice one and see all the advertised positives, but we are not shippers.  What I do see in all these comments is an underlying opinion that I have had since day one.  Like JB said, not having the money for a grand lift-off, or just very cautious because they are not sure as well.  I have opined since day one that they should do better with their loco appearance to at least leave the appearance they are first rate and here for the long haul. I like 1922 etc, but we have seen paint go flat, they have not repainted 2009 (nor renumber to 2011),  have ex santa fe 1322 on occasion and whats up with Mare Island rail Baldwin sitting at Schellville? Repairs, or  unit no 4?  Not to be too critical, but it looks Mickey Mouse like website. Maybe they don't know enough yet about what power they need, but it must give customers less confidence in the future and therefor they sit back and wait before they spends tons on spurs only to have NWP disappear. Not just spurs, some customers probably don't feel like cutting ties with truck companies they deal with that have been ok up till now. Start a fleet, paint them all black widow and keep clean. Look like they care......

How soon we forget the change from RJC Railpower to Northwestern Pacific RR. The NWP logos on the engines. Nobody sees the MOW they do on days when they're not running into Petaluma. In my limited contact with several employees, I have the impression they care deeply and have a good sense of the history of the name. They are drumming up business and working their asses off AND maintaining a sense of humor (along with the ROW).

Steve    This is my third attempt to respond. Don't know where the other two went!  I did say I was not trying to be TOO critical, as I have seen the guys working and they do work their asses off. I only have one name, Jacob Park, because you pointed him out. I had asked about him because I had seen him working and very efficient. And yes, they have done a good job with the ROW and even as recent as January Hunt and Behrens spur. But I am not a shipper, and my question is how do they appear to a potential shipper? Do they want to invest in spurs to put their eggs in the NWP basket, or do they view NWP as "low budget start up" that may not survive in a few years? I am a fan and hope for complete resurrection, but I don't contribute any dollars to their piggy bank. The shippers do, however, and their perception is huge. A cheesy website may not matter, but it only adds to the image of "minimum". If I was a legitimate shipper, I would have made contact and if the ball was in my court to build a spur, I would have a lot to consider. I think that is exactly what some shippers are holding up for, just to see if NWP makes it. A first class image would go along ways to send a "here for the long haul" message.  About the only thing shippers see for real are the loco's, and well they just don't send that message. Thank goodness the feed mills in Petaluma were nearly turn key for the start up. If they could just get some more like that.

In my view, I don't think on this scale that a website matters too much...This isn't buying a new DVD or guitar on Amazon, this could be the fate of a large-scale company. While I'm sure a website would help, I don't think if I was in charge of shipping for a company, that I would be looking too closely at the website other than for cost and a phone number. 

I can see how it could go either way, so I don't want to side with either needing a new one or the existing one. I'd like to hear what NWP co says.... I do like the NCRA's website though. I like the slideshow, updated information, and links to partner railroad companies. Although the importance as a public entity is really the reason to have a "nicer" website over the NWPco's, I still think it is a good basic.

Chad    I tried to say the same thing but got a bit deep. Think I irritated Steve, didn't mean to. Missed you by minutes at the train expo, according to your piers. Railroad employee, railroad police, police, coast guard, fireman.  So which is it?

Hey, if you don't make somebody mad, you're probably not using the internet right!

I'm sorry I missed you! I'm in a little bit of everything! Sometimes too much. I'm future Coast Guard and then police, hopefully railroad police, but for right now I'm in the local fire department and a high school student. 

Well, I guess my view is you take the best of the past, mix it with the new and good today and work on an even brighter future. The website is an important part of that, just as a good business card was years ago, it's all about making an impression to the world, and taking pride in your company, to say "Hey, I'm here, and I rock! Do business with me and we will both benefit!". I see only a bright future for the NWP, it's doing okay now, and will do even better as more traffic comes online and the economy improves, and the line is reopened from Windsor to Ukiah and my humble home of Redwood Valley, and eventually Willits (and beyond? let's hope! Humboldt County is finally realizing they can't survive or prosper without an active rail line).  I believe in this area and it's people, there is so much potential waiting, so let' move forward, no time for being sad or wishing, let's do it!  

I was going to say too that the new NWP has a great bunch of railroaders running it, they know what they are doing, and they are in it for the long haul, they aren't quitters, so let's give the NWP and NCRA all the support we can.  Now, I know there are challenges ahead, and a lot of work to do, but like anything worth doing, hard work and perseverance pays off. 


Speaking of smelly websites, for some reason I don't see your posts going up on  I do get an email note that you have generated a comment but then when the link takes me to the page, your comment is not listed.  The latest example was your comment today about nwp trying to get to redwood Valley and Ukiah.  Do you see it yourself?



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