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Merry Christmas Everyone! 

For any members here who didn't know, or for those that just want to be reminded, the Northwestern Pacific Railroad Historical Society (a completely separate organization from this website, publishes newsletters and videos on the NWP, both past and present.  They also operate an extensive archive and have several rolling stock restoration projects completed and in progress.

They are seeking committed volunteers to help with restoration work and work in the archives, but most of all they are seeking additional contributions as there has been a noticeable dip in monetary donations this last year.

If you are already a member, consider renewing early and enclosing an extra end-of-year gift.  If you are not yet a member, please consider joining.  They have a number of nice videos for sale, with all proceeds going to support the organization, as well as other merchandise, including NWP logo items.  Be sure to check out the web store:

With the holiday spirit in the air and passion for the NWP throughout the year, won't you consider joining or renewing your membership?

Have a very Happy NWP (New) Year!

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I like this place and have been there quite a few times I would like to consider joining but there are transportation problems for me I wonder if there are carpool to bring a group of people who can't drive to the meetings.


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