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  I am curious if there were Icing platform's on the NWP like the PFE had in LA? I seem to remember a statistic that an iced reefer could go about 250 miles without needing to be reiced. How about for refrigerated items coming off the NWP like Milk, Eggs etc? Any one know anything about this kind of activity or know where I might find this info?




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Well.  I might be able to point you in a direction.  The only thing I know of, is there was an ice house in Ukiah.  It was used for the pears and my mother remembers it being the the area just east of the Ukiah depot.  I have never seen photos or seen anything official on this.  I'm just going off of her memory.

When we moved to Ukiah in 1966 there was a ice company/house at the north end of the Healdsburg yard. I do not remember there being a ice plat form, but it was right next to the tracks.

There is a street that runs east/west and crossed the tracks right next to where that ice company was.

Good luck.

Thanks guys that does help a bit. From my research so far I have found several ice houses but no platforms as of yet. I will update the list as I find anything pertinent.
Hey there, Cory. This topic is covered in the rather recent excellent history of the PFE by Thompson, Church et al. The facilities were at Santa Rosa, were pretty small and were part of a commercial ice plant, serving only to precool cars. When that was done the empty but chilled cars were dispatched elsewhere on the NWP for cargo loading, then brought back to SR for top-off icing on a time-sensitive priority basis (if everybody in the operating department did their jobs right!), then the cars were sent off to the SP in the usual way to be picked up by expedited, regularly scheduled eastbound (to Roseville and Ogden) or westbound (to Oakland) PFE reefer blocks passing through Suisun-Fairfield.


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