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Anyone else NOT seeing the photos on the main page tonight?

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Never mind, they're back now.


Zachary M. Toler

Actually, there is an issue.  The latest version of Flash player and FireFox seem to have major issues.  Ever since I loaded the most current Flash, I don't see the slideshow at all.  It's hard to do U-Tube videos.  Often, the Flash completely hangs the browser and you have to use the program manager to "kill" the Flash program.  There are a lot of folks out there that sadly are abandoning FireFox over this as no one is offering any kind of fix.  This does NOT seem to affect IE (which I can't stand).  I have no idea if it creates the problem for Chrome or not.  I may be conspiratorial, but this may be a 'plant' to take out all of the FireFox folks.  I've tried to remove the newest Flash and maybe get the second to last newest, but it refuses to uninstall and the only downloadable Flash version is the one causing the problems.

Jon Heit


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