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At 12:12pm on June 26, 2015, Cameron Tuttle said…

Mark, Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm looking forward to learning a lot more about the NWPRR through this great network. I've invited my father and grandfather to join as well, so hopefully you'll see them here soon as well.

At 9:45pm on April 2, 2015, Neal Rogers said…

Thanks for the welcome, Mark! I became interested again in railroading from visiting the model railroaders at the Healdsburg train depot. What a layout they are putting together! I grew up in Windsor, listening at night to the train horns, and walking to the tracks to watch the day freight.

At 9:25pm on February 8, 2015, Richard C. Brand said…


Something wrong with the calendar on the site but I sent you a note earlier today about Keith Ode.  Now it seems he has gone over the top and lost his control so it is time to restrict his access to the site.  Do you know how to do that as Master?

His claim that this is a public site is not correct.  While the public can read what is on the site, not anyone can post.  As a members site, we all accept the innate responsibility of remaining respectful of other members.  Mr. Ode has not upheld his responsibility and needs to be restricted. 

Sincerely, Richard

At 7:13am on January 21, 2015, Bernard Charles Bunney said…

I worked as a Electrician, Communications Line man and a Signal Maintainer. On the NWP we did all 3 crafts were as on most other railroad's they had separate unions and you could not cross over. Enjoyed it very much from 1976 through 1997. I like the site one of the best. I have lots of stories to tell about my time with the NWP.

At 1:09am on November 14, 2014, Richard C. Brand said…


Looking thru this site it appears that you did not receive my email.  I live close to you in Palo Alto but I want Tommy back as a contributor to this group.

Please contact him and tell him that his contributions are appreciated and welcome and that K. Ode was to me at least, offensive.

Brand in Palo Alto

At 9:42pm on November 11, 2014, Mike Davis said…

Mark, is it possible you can restrict/remove Keith Ode's access to the site? i know this issue was last week, but i want to unload this from my chest.

Keith was right in that there is a fair amount of off-topic content posted, but that is no way gives him a right to bully tommy like he did and make all those asinine comments. For future reference i ask if you can better moderate this site and remove people who can't be civil.

just my two cents, Mike Davis

At 4:06pm on August 5, 2014, steve lang said…

!THANX! - steve

At 12:18pm on July 31, 2014, Bernerd Libanti said…

Thank you for the welcome, sir.  I am looking forward to exploring every nook and cranny in the site.


At 3:29pm on June 5, 2014, Bruce Scott said…

Mark, I'd like to find out if Robert Searle is still around.  He has been a past photo contributor of NWP subjects, but would be quite elderly now.  Would I post an inquiry on the Discussion Forum?

Bruce Scott

At 7:05pm on May 28, 2014, william Rich said…
HI Mark,

I am an archaeologist and historian based here in Eureka.  We are frequently dealing with projects that have the NWPRR grade present.  Thought this would be a good forum to throw out a few questions.

I also have a family connection to the grade as it was the main way my grandparent accessed their cattle and timber ranch at Bell Springs.  They owned the ground under the Bell Springs station, and the ranch lands between Blue Rock and Bell Spring creeks.  I still have some of that ranch in the family.
I am also the current president of the Humboldt County Historical Society.  Lets do something together to promote the history of the rail.  Alex Service, who recently completed a new NWPRR book (with another author) is on our board.


Bill Rich.

At 11:37am on May 13, 2014, richard sachs said…

Thanks for allowing to join.  I'm fascinated at the NWP and the whole Northern California thing (I'm in New Jersey).  Looking forward to the SMART train and eventual relaying of the rails to Larkspur.  I'll be back in September...and, oh yeah, NOT a big fan of Lagunitas so far...I'll stick with Marin Brewing!!!

At 5:01pm on January 28, 2014, Brian R. Termunde said…

Appreciate the welcome Mark, and thanks for letting me join. I first became aware of the NWP when I saw a photo of Espee SW1 1000 (I think) on the NWP. Since then I've managed to learn more and even managed to travel along 101 north to Eureka. But unfortunately, the first time I was driving from Sacramento to Roseburg, OR and I had to be at work that night! There was no time for any sightseeing.  : /p>


The second, I was with someone and we were trying to do too much in too little time. I wish I'd been a little better prepared. For instance, are the Petaluma and Ukiah depots still standing? I just finished watching Pentrex's NWP DVD last night, but I'll need to watch it again. 

At 11:25am on January 19, 2014, Janette McClelland said…

Thanks for the welcome note.  I'm Carol Alexander's partner (in crime).  :-)  I do love trains (it is in my DNA, as my grandfather was an engineer on the B&O), but now I am in it for the Bovine Bakery Gluten Free cookies (Steve A. gifted me with one of them).  

At 6:54am on January 17, 2014, Robert Hogan said…


Thank you!  I have been placing them in albums, unless I have missed something in the process.  if so, please let me know.  The "new" photo upload system is soooo much better than the old method.  Thanks for all you do with this list!

Best regards,  Bob

At 5:01pm on December 17, 2013, Ryan Pedrotti said…

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the welcome. I have an interesting relationship with the NWP. I grew up in Ferndale and could hear the train make its way through Fernbridge. I moved to Penngrove as an adult and used to hike along the track into Rohnert Park. I then moved to railroad square in Santa Rosa, again next to the tracks. For a birthday I had a group of 14 people hike from Railroad Square to Penngrove along the tracks. My obsession grew from there. A buddy and I have now hiked along the tracks in sections between Cloverdale and Larkspur and out to Schellville. Our next trip is from Cloverdale to Hopland. Any idea how many of the five tunnels are open in that stretch? Thanks for this great forum!

At 9:16am on November 4, 2013, Emilio Galo said…

Thanks for the welcome note. I was wondering what became of #3805.
If you know, post your answer.

At 7:29am on October 15, 2013, Mr. Gail E. Dunning said…

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the note on my membership to the group.  I am a retired metallurgical engineer (GE) with interests in both model railroading and mineralogy.  I have a 4 x 8 three level logging layout running Shays, Climaxes, and Heislers.  All my logging cars are home made and I run DCC now.  I have always had a keen interest in the Northwestern Pacific Railroad because of its great history.  I have both of Fred Stindt's books and have modeled some of the cars.  We get to Santa Rosa from time to time (daughter lives there) and have observed the "condition" of the rail line along 101(lots of weeds, rust, etc.).  I was thrilled to see the rebirth of the line in connection with the SMART transit system.  I think the system is a go with the horrible traffic on 101!  I have been following the progress on the web with all the videos of the rail trains and improvements.  Great show!!  Thanks again.


At 8:05pm on July 3, 2013, Michael Maass said…

Thanks for the Add.

At 12:08pm on June 29, 2013, Mitch Valder said…

Thanks, Mark!  Richard pointed out that our beloved NWP didn't get mentioned in the caption.  Not for a lack of trying on my part, but I think they had too much info to choose from.

That won't happen next time!

At 4:03pm on June 25, 2013, John Schmale said…

Hi Mark et al,

I was a member before and posted some Petaluma & Santa Rosa RR Images. Do the images stay on line? I may do a P&SR RR Photo Roster. Any interest in this?

Thanks for the nice site.

John Schmale

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