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At 10:49pm on January 11, 2019, Richard C. Brand said…

Hi Mark:  Yes this is my long term dream as I've always been a wine lover while working in the Valley in research. 

Being a Friend of Caltrain as well as Dumbarton reno, I've now joined the Friends of SMART and next Wednesday I will attend the next SMART BoD mtg and make note of my friend John. 

Anything you wish to have me offer to that body let me know.  They are truly ignorant about railroading issues.

At 12:14pm on August 2, 2018, Richard C. Brand said…


Some of us believe this is "Tommy".  With this latest post "Rick Brand: Rick is a short for Richard. Often used affectionately to signify amiability or foster companionship and so on. Others time it is used to belittle people who are too speculative in their musings and too free with faulty and unfounded information, often running wild in a feverish kind of manic state, asking questions about future wood chip gon customers regardless of the fact other explanations exist to completely undermine the foundation of the speculation and ignoring those explanations willfully, for example."

he is violating your policy of only posting rail related content.

He seemed to respond to your warning last year and seems like he needs another one now.

Regards, Richard

At 9:51am on July 12, 2018, Richard C. Brand said…


Dave S. is suspect of some new members via them posting and claiming w-site problems.  Are you seeing problems for members posting photos but not able to add captions? 


At 10:49am on April 1, 2017, James Caestecker said…
Hi Mark,
Thanks for having me on. I just hired on with the NWP the other day and am looking forward to combing the site for history about the railroad.
At 7:08pm on March 7, 2017, Richard A Custer said…

Hello Mark,

Would you check Steve Richard Bell's comments for today. He's testing the water to see how far he can stretch the envelope about politics and religion.

At 11:32am on December 29, 2016, Richard C. Brand said…


Just saw that you are the West Bay w-site guy.  Take my kids over to the building frequently so I've probably met you.  You can see my g'son in the picture of our Train of Lights ride last night.


At 10:56am on October 17, 2016, Gura Lashlee said…

Hello Mark,

I saw these items on ebay and thought of your club...

Old photo album of trains and wrecks.

Circa 1920's German toy train in pretty good condition

The train of my childhood, which I still have in mint condition, is one from Sears.

Six unit Happy Time electric train.  Does something like that have any retail value?  Or, is it just for memories?

Glad to join in,


At 11:43am on October 15, 2016, steve lang said…

mark - does have anything entered re the ongoing oil tankers (dozens, all full) stoppage/stalemate on NWPRR trax near schellville?

if not, please see my facebook  page "steve lang", should be @ top of timeline.

try'd2 get u on fbook - sent friend request. if you accept it, please feel free 2 move this item to _ _ _ OR - could it be just another 1 of those things that i'm the last 1 to stumble on2?

thanx! -

At 9:17am on September 28, 2016, Michael Barron said…

Thank you Mark. I'm glad to be a part of this historic line. I think the membership will find my profile interesting. I'm in the excursion train business and we are launching the service between LA & Vegas later this year. I think there are some excellent possibilities on the NWP as well for a wine train. More to come on my profile. Interested to see how the members feel about it. - mb

At 1:44pm on August 5, 2016, Trevin Cholmondeley said…
Thank you! I will tell my friends! Do you happen to know anything on the lease of 1922? Thanks!
At 10:23am on April 8, 2016, Joey Meuleman said…


Just an update for you here. I resolved my profile pic upload problem with the help of a forum on the NING website. It said that usually when a profile pic fails to load it's a browser problem so I switched to Google Chrome as they suggested and problem solved. Just wanted to pass this along for you in case you get the same issue with anyone else.

Thanks Again,

Joey M.

At 4:10pm on April 3, 2016, Emilio Galo said…

Hey Mark, is there any news on the northern end of NWP? I heard about a proposal for a tourist railroad, did that ever get into action? I was also wondering when SMART would get up to healdsburg or Cloverdale, its been too long since a train has been up there. Ok, final question, :P. Is the Russian River track still in good shape? I mean, if it was, we could send a repair train up from the southern end, and we could slowly repair the railroad.

At 10:28am on March 21, 2016, Victor Dusenberry said…

I am seeking to get some of your SMART videos to add to a video I am making about SMART construction.  I do not live in your area so what video I have is when ever I am there.  I need the operation of the SMART cars which I have seen on this site.  Is there a way to get them off the site or do I need to buy some from you?  Please email me.    Victor

At 3:06pm on March 10, 2016, Joey Meuleman said…

Thanks Mark.

At 7:54pm on November 1, 2015, Evan Gatewood said…

Thank you Mark. I'm looking forward to exploring more of this great site

At 9:07pm on August 30, 2015, Sean Purtell said…


Thanks a ton for letting me join! I'm a Petaluma native who grew up chasing trains up and down the line, I have some good memories as a young young kid of being asleep at Mary's Pizza Shack in Petaluma and waking up to look out the window when I heard the horn blow. Also, my mom would often ask conductors and bridge operators if I could follow them on their duties and a few times I was able to help turn both the Haystack and Black Point bridges, as well as ride the train from Novato to Petaluma.

I'd really like to learn a bit more about the Sherwood Branch, as lately a friend and I have been fixing fence along a stretch of old ties (no tracks) just outside where Sherwood once stood. 

Really really happy to be here, looking forward to being a member!

At 11:03pm on July 28, 2015, Peter Hann said…

Hi Mark. Thanks for allowing me to join this wonderfull site devoted to the Northwestern Pacific rr. I've looked at many photos & videos & they are all excellent While my HO modeling interests still follow the late GREAT SP (diesel era), i'm very interested in the current NWP rr operations & will be modeling this modern era more now. Even going to build a model of NWP 2009 (the railpower Genset unit). I absolutely love the local operations in Petaluma Ca.

Many Thanks.


At 5:19pm on July 19, 2015, Hart Corbett said…

Thank you, Mark.  I am no stranger to the NWP. I first saw it in action when I was riding with my parents in 1940 and we stopped to watch an electric interurban car pass by in the early evening. My mother had ridden the narrow gauge to Pt. Reyes station about 1920 with her grandmother and told me about her ride. My grandfather used to enjoy telling me, as a pre-teen, about the time he was walking home from Pt. Reyes station to Sausalito and was walking through the original narrow gauge White's Hill Tunnel with his Irish Setter dog in the 1890s when a passenger train came along.  He grabbed the dog, picked it up and the 2 of them crowed tightly against a vertical support beam. The train passed them safely without ever seeing them. In 1971, just before all NWP passenger service ended because of Amtrak, my wife and I, with our 6 year old son, rode the RDC (Rail Diesel Car) from Willits to Eureka, stayed in a motel near the Eureka station, and came back the next day. Took lots of B&W photos. I was President of the NWP RR Historical Society 1991 to March 1994 (limited to 3 terms by the By-Laws) but remained the Librarian/Archivist for the Society from January 1993 until July 1998. I am still a member of the NWPRRHS but am no longer active in it. My friends are and several are officers of it.

At 12:42pm on July 2, 2015, Bonnie Hollingsworth said…

Thanks for the welcome, Mark. I found this site when searching for photos of Scott Kremer's model of the Leavenworth, WA Frequency Converter Substation. This looks like a good place to land...

At 12:12pm on June 26, 2015, Cameron Tuttle said…

Mark, Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm looking forward to learning a lot more about the NWPRR through this great network. I've invited my father and grandfather to join as well, so hopefully you'll see them here soon as well.

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