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by way of what some locals say + my own observations late june 2017: a steam enjine was moved from Yreka shops (S of passenger station & effectively W end of the line) to the E end of the line (Montague) & junction w/ Central Oregon & Pacific RR (C.O.R.P.) (main N/S CPRR, SPRR, UPRR). from there it went far E to a museum &/or tour line. a switch enjine that had been on a siding @ the industrial park was used to do the 5 mile push &/or pull, & is no longer @ the i.p. siding as it had been since @ least 2016... management @ Timber Products Company in the i.p. said in Aug 2016 that the line would "soon" be used for freight traffic, but i couldn't find anyone to confirm that in 2017... totally by way of what i've learned from "thoze appearing to be 'in the know'", a couple years or mor back an auction of RR property was begun @ the passenger station, but was shut down when a person not connected w/ the auction arrived claiming to be owner of all RR property + the feet of any & all persons who were still on it upon his return. as i understand it, there became great motivation among the auction participants to move on. 

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