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Hello,this is my first time at posting a blog. Since I live in the pacific northwest,I'm counting on you the "local train fans", to let us know whats happening on the NWP. For instance what days the NWP run trains, how mine cars come in and out. What type of cars were delivered in and shipped out. Also what engines were used that day. How far can the NWP run before the tracks are removed from service on account of SMART rebuilding the tracks. We need the local train fans help, to keep us informed of whats happening on the NWP.

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Comment by Richard A Custer on October 7, 2012 at 6:29pm

To Don Underwood thank you again for the information.

Comment by David L ILLICH on October 7, 2012 at 10:27am

in san rafael at the civic center old ties and rail are starting to be removed


Comment by Don Underwood on October 7, 2012 at 1:51am

Richard, I can't give good info for all of your questions, but this may help.

The NWP usually (but not always) runs on Thursdays.  Sometimes it operates on Tuesdays.  It usually works in Petaluma mid-day for several hours.  (Sometimes I can hear the train whistle from my house in Petaluma, but I'm never sure if its coming or going!)  Big Red seems to be be pulling every train, along with one of the other engines.

Car volume in and out varies, depending on materials ordered by SMART, Dairymens, Hunt & Behrens,  and other outfits.  The private companies probably would not disclose their order volume or when shipments are expected.  Dairymens usually has an average of six to eight grain cars on its sidings; H&B has zero to six cars.  There are at least six cars loaded with concrete ties sitting in the Petaluma SMART yard right now.  The ties probably will be used around Penngrove.

SMART construction appears to be completed from Santa Rosa through Rohnert Park/Cotati (but I could be wrong).  The roadbed is under construction north and south of E. Railroad Ave (as of a week ago), and the old roadbed is torn out north and south of Main St., Penngrove (as of Friday, 10/05).

SMART has completed upgrading street crossings at Old Adobe Rd., and Main St., Penngrove; as well as all the crossings in Petaluma, except for 'D' St.  [As an aside, traffic has been a mess for several months along E. Washington from 101 to Lakeview due to: 1) a new shopping center, 2) Caltrans upgrading on/off ramps from 101, 3) the city replacing/upgrading water pipeline along E. Wash, 4) combined with SMART crossing construction at Payran and E. Wash.]

So for now , NWP can run from Schellville to Petaluma.

All this info is vague.  SMART does not disclose much on its web site, NWP probably can't disclose info about shipments by its customers, and its difficult to be certain about construction progress because there are miles of roadbed with no public access.

Perhaps others can add to this.

Comment by Carl Casale on October 1, 2012 at 8:05am

Doesnt look like much is happening. I havent noticed any pertinant updates lately.

Comment by Chad Gustafson on September 26, 2012 at 9:31pm
I was wondering a while ago if the group could make a Twitter acount to keep on us on track of train movements, location, ect, since just about everybody has a smart phone. This would make it a lot easier for us to track train movements, construction/emergency updates, ect.

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