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What is going on with NWP Co now that SMART is in the picture?

I guess this means NWP Co is no more? What does this mean for future freight operations/NCRA?
And most importantly, what does this mean for the rails around Humboldt Bay? Original post by Richard Brand.

The NCRA w-site contains a copy of SB 1029 which dissolves the NCRA and allocates $4M to SMART "for the acquisition of freight rights and equipment from the" NWP.....…/2…/20190109/Item_F.7.pdf
I'd be surprised if that amount would cover those costs. Maybe more importantly, I've had a chance to watch both the SMART BoD and General Manager and in my opinion, this public entity does not have the experience to run a freight rail operation.
If you have an opinion on this write a short letter to the Calif State Treasurer and express your concern about tax payers covering this effort. Nothing will take place without the Treasurers approval.

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Comment by C. P. Huntington on Monday

NWPCo still exists and won't be going anywhere, try to do some research before posting info like this.

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