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Welcome All New Members Hope You Enjoy Yourselves!

Hi Y'all,

Welcome to one and all, new and old I hope y'all will enjoy the NWPRRhs.Net site as much as I do. Mark Drury, the site owner, is doing a fine fantastic job keeping the site running and at the same time loading it up with photos, videos, discussions, groups, and other relavent documentation and information.
A number of other members are also contributors such as:
P&SRKID, Steve Atnip, Gus Campagna, Richard Todd, and others....

I am new too as well as relatively new to the internet experience mostly on my cellphone. Mostly I find the site clean in appearance and easy to get around which is great for a cellphone user. However there are a couple of issues that are outstanding, see my Versus Blog Pages, in this Blog space.
At the presant time this is the only way I can welcome you, because the 'Welcome Them' button does not work on my cellphone. So feel free to comment, go on it won't hurt.



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