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'V-why a duck?! 'V-why not a chicken?!

I think that was from a Marx Bros. movie...

Here's a couple of shots taken today on the Carolan Pacific featuring our 500' viaduct that I've been working on.

Thanks for checking it out!

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Comment by Jennifer on April 21, 2016 at 2:29pm

Here's a low light shot from last night that shows a bit more of the viaduct up close as it nears completion.  The track bed will be painted so it will appear to be concrete with ballast over it, the whole thing dullcoated; weathered to be well maintained but well used with some grime and soot and a bit of rust here and there.  I sprayed the sides with aluminum plate and then with genereic flat black spray paint from OSH; did the same with the towers/supporting work.  The towers will be raised under the structure; we're experimenting with Shapelock for the concrete foundations...  there will be some sort of shoes interfacing between the supports and bridge.  I made the thing with the idea that it should be durable and easily handled.  I cut out a piece of foam of the same contours and size as the Kato track, mad a larger template for the track bed and cut it out of sheets of .080 thick styrene and glued it to the foam.  Titebond worked great (Goop did not; it eats foam in an interesting way... ).  That lamination began to make it work.  To that I glued square tube styrene to the edges for the sides of the track bed.  I glued Micro engineering girder pieces, cut to fit along the sides of the foam and the underside of the track bed using tidebond and regular liquid (Tamaya) cement.  I'll add some bracing to the underside since the views through the structure have a lot of potential...  The abutments I made from styrene.

The other photo is our tool car.  I found it at The Train Shop, 50' undec SF style ice reefer, painted roof red and black, dry xfer lettering, added vents on the roof.

Comment by Jennifer on April 21, 2016 at 11:53am

Thanks very much for your comment lazygenius!

I can't remember what book the track plan came from but it was a 60's reference, originally for HO and S.  We decided to do something portable this time after the horribleness of tearing down our previous HO layout.  Anyway, this one fits on a door like many popular N scale plans, and if you can picture it, in your mind, it unfolds... or if it was unfolded it would wrap around a good portion of the walls in the room, similarly to our HO Pasito Southern. 

Thanks for your comment about the switching.  That kinda happened "organically" based on the space available (similarly to prototypes).  The fuel distributor is reached via an interesting switchback and there's a pocket to drop the tank car and run around coming and going .  The large building (guitar factory) won't be receiving much via its spur so it's pretty straightforward.  If there is a car spotted there the switchback has enough length to accommodate it during switching.  Of course there's the freight house and ramp.  The track adjacent is something of a lead the end of which can be used as a team-track / diesel refueling via truck.  There's a set-out track which is the long spur.  On the other side of the tunnel is the rural area which has a team track as well.  :-)

Thanks again for checking out our layout; still much to do...  Lots of fun!

Comment by lazygenius on April 20, 2016 at 5:52pm

Looks like good switching opportunities also; if I ever attempt another layout,

it'll have lotsa switching, with an obligatory loop or two just to keep it lively...

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