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Hi Folks:

I eluded to this the last time, that I have had desktop communication problems as well, identifing 'CHAT11' not responding etc etc(residence of our .net Mark?). I do not see it that much on my mobile unless it gets extremly bad, then I get an error 404 (I believe this is from 'GONAM' Rogers Wireless's Gateway, is this an Internet common error code Mark?) and I get a maintaince request from Opera Mini to check out and reestablish communications, all fairly seemlessly most of the time. This is one of the great advantages of Opera Mini, among many. Other wise all I see is my Internet Icon 'chattering' off and on as Opera Mini sorts things out. I dont know about your resident mobile browser, but mine will frustrate y'all into your GRAVE under these and other conditions and circumstances. I do not know it this means anything but CHAT11 seems a lot slower on both desktops and mobile than other servers I surf on.

I want to reiterate that at the time I joined the net, 'Add Comment' worked everywhere, where I tryed it, which quite often was member associated.

Things have sorted out some since the past week. It seems that the only time I can not click on the 'ADD COMMENT' is when the space and Icon are directly connected with Member page and/or Member command. I can 'Add Comment' in a thread, on a blog, on a photo, in a group, in a discussion, on the Main page (because it associates with everything else?), on BUT now NOT on 'My Page'. Also I can not 'Welcome a Member' or do a 'Friend Invite'. There is a work around for 'Friend Invite' too, follow where I can do 'Add Comment' usually you can do a 'Friend Invite' there too.
I have not tested absolutely everything but I am getting there just by utilizing the site.


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