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Back when I worked at California State Railroad Museum in the 1980s-90s, one of my happier chores was to fine-filter the tens of thousands of historic photographs that landed in the research Library's collections from many old-timer railfans and their widows. A lot of them came in all lumped together or in wildly mixed arrays.

One pair (larger format 8x10-ish) which cropped up showed what was clearly some publicity stills from a silent flick shot in or near Tiburon around 1920. No information was on the back of either image, but the scene involved a woman dressed as a workman (in a well-worn 10-gallon hat no less!) in coveralls, her fist raised to punch the daylights out of a bulkier fella she had somehow pinned against a NWP wood-clad box car standing hard against a freight dock. The other shot was similar but the photographer had pulled his tripod back enough to show the same cast members as well as the movie cameraman and his gear, lighting guys and the director, a gaffer or "best boy"...

So, is anyone aware of what commercial (?) silent movie this would have been?

In any event, the photos in question were properly put into NWPRR subject photos folders in the hopes that somebody, some day could help further ID the images.

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Comment by powerpawsnw on December 29, 2013 at 5:33pm

TT ~ You may have it at the top with Zasu Pitts. I'll do a little more digging as I can and see if I can tie this one up more firmly. I wonder if 'Her First Mate' was among those US-made (presumed altogether lost) silents found in the NZ vault this last year. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

In any event, big thanks for picking up this thread after so long. Happy New Year!

Comment by Tommy Tommy on December 24, 2013 at 1:31am

Power, There was movie called Her First Mate filmed at the Tiburon ferry slip. From what I read in the old papers, the scene shot in Tiburon was the christening of a new ferry, which the writer remarked was ironic because the ferry service in Tiburon was being discontinued at that point:

Another movie shot in Tiburon back then was Moran of the Lady Letty. A Rudolph Valentino vehicle. They built a big village near today's Paradise Park on east shore of Tiburon. Here's a clip of the PAradise Cove area. No NWP in here

Here's a pic of the actors on a big sail boat with a ferry in background, possibly tiburon in background. Hard to say.

There was another movie made in Tiburon 

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