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Hi guys,

Quick topic. Earlier today Carl O'Connor posted pictures of his new NWP bulkhead flat...I am doing the same on some others as well as some NWP boxcars.

My question is, hypotheticly on my "layout", the North Coast Railroad and black widow era NWP are still an operational Class 2 regional, based off the same operating plans that were used up until the last week of ops.

How realistic would it be for an NWP/NCR to own a fleet of rolling stock? MOW and your basic equipment obviously excluded.

Would they have a need or a want for bulkhead flats or boxcars? 

At one point it looks like the NCRA owned a fleet of boxcars:

(Scroll down for these):

How would they be used? What shippers would use them? Would they be interchanged across the nation?

How does this work?



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Comment by Christopher Palomarez on May 15, 2013 at 2:22am

Oh! As far as MOW equipment. Here's what that looked like. I have a feeling it would've stayed the same.

Comment by Christopher Palomarez on May 15, 2013 at 1:53am

Those cars look like Gunderson 6301 High Cube Boxcars 50' long and a 12' Plug Door. they could be used in rolled paper service, or even finished lumber.

The thing is about freight cars in the modern era, leasing specialty cars is becoming the preferred practice. There are exceptions of course. Smaller railroads tend to prefer leasing to simplify operations and alleviate themselves from investing in a car repair facility. However there are small railroads that do have an extensive repair facility. The McCloud River RR had one and was the home repair facility for Itel in the Incentive Per Diem days.

I think that if the NCRA was in existence now as it was in the 1990s you would probably see a lot of Sierra RR and ex McCloud RR boxcars/centerbeams being leased straight out with the original RR reporting marks. The McCloud cars might've been purchased outright as that RR went under (quite a few went to Sierra, NOPB, and IATR). I'm sure Railbox and TTZX would be utilized as well. Butter and other perishables lease reefers from NRDX and CEFX. Car repairs handled by the leasing RRs.

It's reasonable to guess that the ex McCloud cars, since they were in surplus, around the time the RR was vacating everything East of McCloud would have sold their surplus rolling stock to NCRA. I could imagine NCRA repatched boxcars in 2 possible styles with NWP medallions on them.

What do you all think? This is all speculation and has no bearing on what would have actually happen if the scenario was in place.


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