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I tried to send a note to Congressman Thompson but could not because I don't reside in has district even though I spend a lot of $$ there.

My message to him was that to rebuild Santa Rosa and Napa will require a huge amount of new lumber.  My point to him was that there needs to be emergency funding from the feds to renovate the NWP RoW ASAP to Cloverdale to allow freight trains to bring lumber down from Redwood Empire's yard to offset the potential for price gouging from yards further up north in No. Cal and Oregon.

Can some of you in his district contact him at a href="">>; and tell him to push to have emergency funding provided to reopen the line for freight trains up to the Cloverdale yards?

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Comment by Jennifer on October 21, 2017 at 11:33am

I'm unable to support your initiative to write the representative as I too live outside of his district, but I endorse your idea and reasoning.  :-)


Comment by Richard C. Brand on October 20, 2017 at 10:29pm

Seeing no one on this network and living in Thompson's district, let me comment further.  Tonight I watched a TV commentator editorialize about the dire need for replacement housing in Santa Rosa and surroundings.  He went on to say that the lumber mills "mills up north of us" are working around the clock to provide lumber and materials for Houston and now those materials are needed here in No. Calif.

Now if we had a direct railroad link to Santa Rosa from at least Cloverdale or better yet Ukiah, image how we could have lumber flowing into our fire area rather than going east on trucks to Texas and Fla.

Sonoma Congressman Thompson needs to be reminded of this and the dire need to rebuild the NWP to help replace and rebuild housing in Sonoma and Napa Counties.

Is anyone of you ready to hold up the flag on this critical housing materials issue?


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