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Many months since last posting and many changes.  We moved, to the SFO area; sadly had to say goodbye to our beloved Pasito Southern Railroad when we relocated.  We have been working on our new layout, the Carolan Pacific Railroad; this one in N scale and in a format that can be moved.  There's ups and downs for sure and a lot to love.  More on the CP later.

Our move also brought us closer to the historic and modern JPBX/UP line.  In fact it's across the street.  We get to see everything going in and out of SF by rail.  A place only a railfan could love and it took us about three weeks to sleep through the trains. 

So there's a couple of things to share on this blog.  More to come on our N scale layout and, interesting things all the time on our "1:1 scale garden railroad", like the caboose (shoving platform) that has been in use...

Best Wishes to All!

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Comment by Jennifer on May 25, 2016 at 4:23pm

The last photo is one of two southbound GP powered freight movements that take place most days.  Often light power, 1-3 units, sometimes loads and empties (lumber racks, reefers, tank cars, covered hoppers, rock job gons...  They come back later at night.  There's also some SD70 ES44 powered freights as well hauling old coal gons with contaminated soil.

Comment by Jennifer on May 25, 2016 at 4:18pm

A few new recent photos from our place...  We have a great view but a lot of foliage making photography challenging.  Some locomotives and finally snapped a pic of the caboose stationed in SSF.  A rare treat to see a caboose operating in any capacity in this day and age imo.Caltrain 926CabooseClose Up of Caboose

Comment by Jennifer on April 20, 2016 at 4:53pm

Thanks for your comment 'Nippon.  Hear, hear!  I guess it's inevitable, and I'm sure appreciating the classic F-40PHs and the newer MP-36's.  I too dig the Nippon cars.

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