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Hi Folks,

Well Mark, thats the guestion some of us less savey users need answers to:
Blogs and Discussions, How are They best used?

I was not sure if there was 1 blog with several pages OR many pages in one blog, and then how can they be effectively used! ? On top of that when should one opt for an official discussion in the Forum. We already have plenty of unofficial discussion threads running? Please comment on the guestions here as well as the technical aspects of my blog make up, suggestions to would be helpfull. Could you also talk about the tags (are they the same as KEYS?). How do you hold tags together like my coach one?

I was thinking of starting a general discussion on improvements and flexiblity. Any suggestions there?

Take it away Mark!



.... 2 to be contined.

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Comment by Crysta T. Lacey on November 23, 2009 at 10:02pm

Awesome, thank you so much for such a meticulous and complete answer. I for one will be using it as a reference well into the future. I can only hope that others find it so.

It sounds like I am using both right along with my idea of starting a general formal discussion (which I gather ends up under forums?), to gather suggestions of improvement?


Comment by Mark Drury on November 23, 2009 at 3:21pm
Thanks for the feedback and questions, Crysta! In general, blogs are (or can be) used to record personal observations, musings, or opinions about a topic, or as an online diary or sorts, while forums are used for general, open discussion. A blog owner often moderates comments and/or controls who may comment on a particular post, thereby determining the content and tone of the discussion, whereas an open forum discussion invites all viewpoints, so long as they remain civil.

That said, there is considerable gray area around the use of blogs, forums, and forums within groups, which this network also supports. I certainly don't have any hard and fast rules about which should be used when, so feel free to use your own judgement when posting. If you want to engender wider discussion with your post, use the Forum; if you're merely posting your personal take on a topic and don't mind getting comments (but aren't looking for wider discussion) use your blog. The Groups forums are merely discussions that may be of chief interest to members of a specific group, and not the wider network, but either forum may be used given the already narrow focus of this network (I, for example, am interested in just about anything anyone has to say about the NWP or related roads).

Regarding tags, they are merely labels or keywords that help others on the network find your content via the search capability. So if I'm posting, say, a photo of SP-10 plying the Eel River Canyon I may give the photo these tags:

nwp, sp-10, rdc, "eel river canyon", "island mountain tunnel", preservation

Note that for tags with multiple words you simply enclose all tokens in double-quotes (like "eel river canyon"). Hope this helps,

Mark D.

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