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This is what I get for posting when I'm tired.  The name given in the Times-Standard, Dec. 23, 2011, is "Hambro Group, but in the article it is spelled, "Hasbro Group", several times, so assume, "Hasbro", is correct.  Don't know the address, but it is located in the area called, "Korblex", which stood for, "Korbel Exchange", the interchange with the now-gone Arcata & Mad River Rail Road.  I emphasize, they did not dismantle their siding, but the mainline out front, (about 250 ft. of it).  The THA has a PL log flat outside.  Inside is 44-tonner A&MRRR 101 and the chassis of an NWP caboose.  The wood is gone, but the frame, trucks, brake system, and even the ladders are still there.  A new wood structure and it would very much be an operating NWP caboose.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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