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SPCRR Fund Raising for Run Around

Society for the Preservation of Carter Car Resources, SPCRR, is asking for donations to fund the construction of a siding to run their locomotives around the trains at their Car Barn site at Ardenwood Farm a public park in Newark CA.  More information can be found on their website at

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Statis of the Eel River Water Level This Winter

I haven't heard any news about the Eel River flooding this winter on the Bay Area News Stations, so I guess everyone up in the Eureka Area is okay.  With the King Tides and melting snow, and constant rain and wind I thought we might hear something dire about the ROW from the area?  Anything to report?

Curious Paul

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Robert Ellison's Silent Movie

I greatly enjoyed the NPRRHS video by Robert Ellison.  I added some music to the 14 plus minute silent film by going to and clicking on the ATOS Radio button which plays nothing but Theatre Organ Music; just like what  you would hear if you jumped on the ferryboat and then the streetcar and  went downtown to see a movie in the 1920's at a movie palace like the Fox or Paramount in San Francisco.  As they used to say,"Why don't you bring back…


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NWP Ferryboat "Eureka" at Hyde Street Pier,San Francisco

Most of you probably know about the Ferryboat "Eureka" on display in San Francisco.  I used to like to go over there and take the engine room tour.  They start the tour at the engineer's control station and show you how the walking beam engine is "barred over" by the operator to get the boat underway.  Then the tour goes down below into the boiler room to see the condenser and the bank of fire tube boilers.  They explain their operation and once the tour guide pointed out how the main shaft,…


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San Rafael Whistle Stop Last Night

Departed work at Richmond BART Yard at 7:46 PM and drove across the bridge to Exit 452.  Arrived at the San Rafael Station at 8:10 and parked next to the NWP mailine tracks.  Now this might not be anything special to most of you, but I hadn't been to San Rafael in forty years and never had seen the station at all.  So I stood on the running rail and enjoyed the…


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Approaching Mile Post 3000

The group is nearing the 3000 mark for photos.  That's quite a milestone in that there are only about 300 of us.

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Passenger Car Movement

Believe it or not I saw a wooden coach with clerestory windows  being trucked up Highway 880 opposite Berkeley today at approximately 11:45 AM.  I haven't a clue where it was going.  Anybody know anything about this?  It looked fully restored with new pullman green  paint. 


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EFPP Blog is like a Mini Vacation to Brazil

I found a blog link that has some great 60 cm narrow gauge preservation photos from a limestone carrying railway which began operations in 1914 the same year as the NWP.  The photos shown three locomotives being moved to the original mainline of the Estrada de Ferro(Railway)Perus-Pirapora or EFPP in January.  The text is written in Brazilian but some of the words are similar to english and it was fun to decode what was going on in the photos.  So mix up a tropical drink, turn up the heat,…


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Historic Rail Corridor Recognition

The Niles Canyon rail corridor gets state recognition is the title of an article by Matthew Artz in the Oakland Tribune. The link is

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A Million Dollars a Mile

I've be watching a lot of train videos since recuperating from foot surgery and I came across an estimate by Union Pacific Railroad in one of the videos that mentioned that they spend a million dollars a mile to add first class trackage to their system. One day last month at BART's Richmond Yard I watched their track crew in action replacing cross ties and reballasting their mainline. Everything was automated.

Anyway, I've heard estimates to repair the NWP at 500 million…


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Eureka Yard

This is my first ever blog. So, here it goes.

Eureka Yard Remains

When I visited Eureka in Nov.09, I tried to find as many remnants of the NWP as I could. However I was limited at the time because my wife was on board and let's just say that she is not a railfan and leave it at that. I found the display at Scotia and the roundhouse at Samoa and the trestle at South Fork. But what I really wanted to do was find what's left of the Eureka Yard.…


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