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   SMART having a good portion of it's line single tracked may be in for a Firestorm when troubling events cripple the line.  On the San Francisco Peninsula (Cal Train), when a conflict with an auto or individual arises (being run over or in to), the train is required to stop until authorities have gone over the scene, and recovered items and cleared the site.  Many times this can take a good chunk of time.  The route down there is all double tracked so that events like this do not…


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Correction to Post jbriogrande NWP Legacy

  Sometimes the links are corrupt,....I made a mistake here:  I was corrupted.......

  Please type into address bar:

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NWP 70's to it's demise...a living legacy...

 This may be old news to most, but for those new to the NWP Network...this is a story worth retalling.  In September of 1997, before the final year of operation, I was lucky enough to have worked as a Conductor on a few of the last jobs on the NWP, with Conductor/Engineer's Randy Peterson and Ed Lynch.  It is a story that has become a real legacy of railroad history.  I hope that you enjoy this article by…


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Rail Poetry Espee from Nam

   During my time in Vietnam some other guys and myself.....'rails' wrote some poetry from our time on the railroads before being called up....we were all in the combat engineers in Pleiku, 20th Battalion.  I had worked out of Bayshore yards in SF on the Coast Division, and penned this free verse one night.

"We sat in the shanty,...After making the drive (from 3rd and Townscend HQ); The crewmen kept busy, the trains were alive.     We walked to the platform, amidst the great…


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