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"Daylighting" tunnels (for old timers)

My brother and I were watching an old movie that brought up the subject of NWPRR.  In our discussion of my father's time on the  NWP, it came up that he spent a lot of time along the Eel River around Bell Springs "daylighting" tunnels, which is cutting the top off a mountain so that it's no longer a tunnel.  This was in the late 1950's and early 1960's.

On one of those jobs he had a Cat DC6 on a mountain that was so high and so steep the DC6 could not make it up to the top on it's…


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Historical Information Please?

Does anyone have information about a derailment that happened in Willits, sometime between 1958-1960?

According to my brother, someone left a switch unlocked and two ten year old kids threw the switch while a train was going over it at about 50 MPH.  It was a huge wreck that took out a massive amount of track and communication wires, and it came close to taking out the depot as well.  I have been unable to unearth any trace of this on the internet.  (But, I did learn that you can buy…


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Something for "old timers"

My brother, now nearing age 76, worked for NWP in 1958 & 1959 and probably part of 1960.  We were watching a 1930's movie about a runaway train that had been sabotaged and it reminded him of an incident at the Island Mountain Tunnel and the trestle at the South entrance.  Perhaps another old timer will recall the incident.  

It was another case of the Eel River raging out of control and Charlie Neal was on the scene.  He feared the river was going to wash out the trestle and he…


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NWP Eel River Canyon 1958 & 1959

My brother as well as my father worked for NWP and we recently had a discussion about his time with NWP.  He was Maintenance of Way in the Electrical Department.  He did some work on crossings, but the majority of the time he worked on phone and teletype lines.  

He said that he was at Fort Seward during most of 1958 and 1959 and worked as far South as Bell Springs. 

I asked him about the Island Mountain Tunnel, but most of what he talked about was the trestle on the South…


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NWP historical photos links

Here are links to websites that many of you will find interesting, if you have not already found them. There are some great historical phots and information about the NWP Northern end.

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