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Awfully Muddy, The Rise and Fall of the NWP
1 Reply

Humboldt State University, 2018 History Award Papers, 1st Prize:See "Download" link on this…Continue

Tags: Fall, Northwestern, Pacific, Rise, Muddy

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jennifer Mar 1.

Mendocino County Railway Society Newsletter Excerpts
2 Replies

Stumbled upon this interesting webpage.  Fifteen years of history on the NWP route from 1989 through 2004.  Topics include:  Eureka Southern, NWP, New NWP, Sierra Club, NCRA, and other State…Continue

Tags: Eureka, Southern, NCRA, 1989, History

Started this discussion. Last reply by Richard C. Brand Mar 12.

Facing Deadlier Fires, California Tries Something New: More Logging
21 Replies

Article in today's WSJ:  download PDF below.What could this mean for the…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Fred M. Cain Feb 8.


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Dave S. replied to Emilio Galo's discussion Is A Rail Excursion to Ridge from Willits even feasible?
"Richard A. Custer posted these track profiles over six years ago: There are five images in all, use the Next button to view."
Aug 30
Dave S. commented on Emilio Galo's status
"I'm wondering if ANYTHING has been moved to Schellville yet ... If only I had more time I would be up there taking pictures and reporting progress."
Aug 17
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"This restoration project was discussed on this site years ago, but I can't find those posts.  Here's an article that provides a good…"
Aug 17
Dave S. commented on Jennifer's status
"Level crossing in Germany with an egg-shaped radar sensor for detecting obstacles on the crossing:"
Jul 18
Dave S. commented on Jennifer's status
"This style of crossing gate, common in the UK & Ireland, will help separate people from trains, but maybe not those determined to kill themselves:"
Jul 18
Dave S. commented on Jennifer's status
"This article is so horrific ... on at least two levels:  4 suicides since the system started operating plus three accidental deaths, and Keith Marcum's history as a child predator.  Released on $765k bail?  Who gets that money…"
Jul 11
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Near Bracut

"Here's a link to the Street View image above: Here's the most recent aerial view available, but taken before the recreation trail was built: Mr. Wuest:  how…"
Jul 7
Dave S. commented on Luketherailfan's photo

Near Bracut

"Here's a link to the Street View image above: Here's the most recent aerial view available, but taken before the recreation trail was built: htttps:// Mr. Wuest: …"
Jul 7
Dave S. replied to Richard Sotelo's discussion SMART extension to Corte Madera
"Would love to see some photos!"
Jun 13
Dave S. commented on James Bradley, Jr.'s blog post Cost of Repairs - NWP Track North of Windsor
"Mr. Bradley:  didn't SP sell all the assets north of Willits to Eureka Southern, and by doing so completely washed their hands of any and all liability?  Then when Eureka Southern went bust the NCRA was created and took over, and now…"
Jun 10
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Mae Klong River Bridge

"Where is this?"
May 21
Dave S. commented on Dave S.'s photo

Typical Automated Crossing

"Hi Jennifer: Yes, the wife and I just got back from two weeks in Thailand, mostly Bangkok, but also Korat and Hua Hin.  We had plenty of good Thai food, including a lot of cheap street food.  In Bangkok we road the BTS and MRT rail systems…"
May 18
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Typical Automated Crossing

"Very cool!  Are you on holiday Dave?  Hope you can find some decent Thai food...  Ha ha!  :-)"
May 10
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Typical Automated Crossing

"Richard:  see "Albums:" and "Location:", above right, below photo."
May 6

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New Book: The NWP, Lifeline of the Redwood Empire, Boom and Bust 1951-2001

I just received this fabulous new book and it is a must-have for all NWP fans.  Tons of crisp and clear photos, most I've never seen before.  Lots of interesting stories from railroad employees.  Lots of detailed information about the most-recent 50 years of operation!

I've got my reading to do and am looking forward to going through this great volume page by page.  I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for this new book so that others can enjoy it too.



Posted on August 7, 2017 at 8:23am — 3 Comments

Too Many Railcars, Too Little Freight (WSJ 2016-12-02)

Too Many Railcars, Too Little Freight

Rail equipment sits idle as commodities slump, changes in energy market cut into demand…


Posted on December 2, 2016 at 4:45pm — 1 Comment

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At 8:03am on February 21, 2019, Fred M. Cain said…


An interesting piece of trivia on the electrics,  I read somewhere years ago that during the early design phase of the Golden Gate Bridge, they were making allowances for a second deck that would have accommodated the NWP's commuter trains.  But the SP, which owned the NWP, wanted no part of this.  They just wanted out of the commute business in Marin County - period.  So, that never happened.  However, it's fun to try and imagine what might've been.  If that'd happened the line might've survived the war and into the 1950s and '60s as traffic jams on the GGB got worse and worse.  It could've had an ending similar to the commute trains to San Jose.  But, sadly, that just never happened.

Then again, the electric commuter trains on the Bay Bridge to Oakland survived the war only to perish in the 1950s so maybe not.



At 5:54am on February 19, 2019, Fred M. Cain said…


I didn't have a picture like that so I "borrowed" it from the railroad museum at Sunol.  I sure hope they don't mind.  I guess if they do, I'll just take it back off.  I wondered if those signals are actually operational at Sunol.  The picture suggests that they really might be.

By the way, I know it's off topic from the NWP but when I was in high school in the late 1960s, we were living in the Phoenix area.  The SP's Phoenix subdivision had many, many of these semaphores.  I took a number of pictures of them which I subsequently lost over the years.  :(

The Phoenix area was a tough place to be a train fan due to the sparsity of traffic.  There were trains 1 & 2 the Sunset Limited with #2 going east at around 7:00 am and west around 11:00 pm (when it was on time) so I rarely got to see that.  There was a daily Phoenix-Tucson road freight which at that time ran up to 100 cars or more but that also usually went through at inconvenient times.

That left the two local way freights which ran at good, mid-day hours for me and I'd could sometimes catch.

I first read about the NWP electrics when I was in high school and obtained a copy of William D. Middleton's The Interurban Era.  In many regards, it wasn't really  a true interurban but was more like an electric commuter rail line like they had back east.  But some of the equipment was very interurbanish which I guess is why he included it.

I think he stated in there that the third rail was placed on redwood blocks instead of porcelain insulators.  That surprised me.  I have always wondered if they had voltage loss issues in periods of wet weather.


Fred M. Cain

At 11:41am on February 12, 2019, Fred M. Cain said…


The one from Sage is word-for-word identical.  I get spammers and phishers all the time but I have to confess, I fell for "James Pollard" this time because for some crazy reason out of wishful thinking, I thought maybe he had NEWS on the Humboldt & Eastern and/or the Eel River.

I don't think he really hacked into my e-mail 'cause I did not click on a URL but in any event I changed my password just in case.


Fred M. Cain

At 9:31am on February 12, 2019, Fred M. Cain said…


He also told me that he'd hacked my e-mail account months ago and was monitoring everything.  Well, I knew that wasn't true 'cause I didn't receive his e-mail threat until an hour after I contacted him.  He English is terrible - so bad that I just about couldn't understand some of it.  The moderator needs to delete the user code from the group since obviously he has no genuine interest in the NWPRR.

By the way, on a cheerier note, I e-mailed Bryan Whipple this morning and he responded!  So, I asked him some questions about the possible repair of the Eel River Canyon trackage.  We'll see what he says if he responds.  If he tells me that it can never be done, that will end it all for me 'cause I believe he would know for sure!


Fred M. Cain

At 8:46am on February 12, 2019, Fred M. Cain said…

Thanks, Dave.  After I asked "James Pollard" what he needed, I received a very threatening e-mail.  I tried to copy and paste it here but received an error message that I cannot send more that 5000 characters.  Suffice it to say it was threatening and demanded that I send $1000 in bitcoin OR ELSE! He will reveal all the porn videos that I watched to EVERYONE!  BUT ! I have never watched any porn videos.


Fred M. Cain

At 9:57am on February 9, 2017, Richard C. Brand said…

Hello Dave:

Karl is no longer an member so hope you will return once again to add to the group.


At 11:34am on December 23, 2016, Jennifer said…

Hi Dave,  Thanks, and happy holidays/ merry x-mas to you and yours!  :-)

At 11:24pm on November 7, 2016, Richard C. Brand said…

Dave I like your comments to issues on the site.  I'm normally not a "friender" as I've never seen you but thanks for the invite.

At 10:08pm on January 1, 2011, Mark Drury said…
Glad you're finding the site useful, Dave! And, yes, the "x" does delete a comment, and I noticed your comment was gone when I clicked the link in the email letting me know you had left one, but figured I would comment back just in case (I was pretty sure you had found the SPINS but felt a comment couldn't hurt). Regarding the SPINS, all I have are the JPEG files which were uploaded to the network, but I could pretty easily turn those into individual PDFs for easier viewing (grouping them into one PDF may be a little more work).

And the search feature has been on the network from day one, but it could definitely be a little easier to find, as you point out. Hope you had a great New Year and thanks for your contributions to our network! Regards,

Mark D.
At 4:51pm on December 31, 2010, Mark Drury said…
Hello Dave,

The NWP SPINS album may be found here:

It is not a complete set but is very interesting, all the same. Have a great New Year! Regards,

Mark D.

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