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BALDWIN AS-615 #5213 and EMD SW-8 #1128

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Whats happening on the NWP

Hello,this is my first time at posting a blog. Since I live in the pacific northwest,I'm counting on you the "local train fans", to let us know whats happening on the NWP. For instance what days the NWP run trains, how mine cars come in and out. What type of cars were delivered in and shipped out. Also what engines were used that day. How far can the NWP run before the tracks are removed from service on account of SMART rebuilding the tracks. We need the local train fans help, to keep us…


Posted on September 26, 2012 at 9:19pm — 5 Comments

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At 6:50pm on February 16, 2013, Jim McCarter said…

Richard   Just a heads up. I sent an email to you yesterday with a longwinded description of what they are doing along the willowbrook section. I am not sure if you got it       Jim

At 10:28am on January 20, 2013, Jim McCarter said…

Richard    I had no idea how expensive they could be. I looked at one of the websites and one steam replica was 133,000.00.  Thats almost like buying a house!!! One pair of sd9's new were about 20,000.00 for either. WOW.Maybe if you lived around here you could come out of retirement and work for the new NWP....

At 10:20pm on January 19, 2013, Jim McCarter said…

Richard  I am not sure where this   info goes sometimes. Steve Atnip told me to use inbox toe send and receive info as it was more reliable, but? You make very good point on being retired. I have no idea what these things cost. How expensive is a locomotive like that?

At 6:32pm on January 19, 2013, Jim McCarter said…

Richard   I tried twice to send you a comment through your inbox, but I don't know if you got them, or maybe just chose not to answer. If you chose not, I will understand   Thanks, Jim

At 11:23pm on January 1, 2013, Jim McCarter said…

Richard  You mention Stindt book NWP vol 2. Do you have that?  I posted some pictures for fun on my page a few days ago.  Just happened that my photo number 10 is a copy of notice of number change. I have no date and only one page. Maybe that is all there was. It was from Jack Lewis (dispatcher or clerk?)

At 7:25pm on December 21, 2012, Jim McCarter said…

Richard  now I see the little x . It appears alongside each comment as you go.  Thanks for the tip.  By the way, Merry Christmas

At 7:08pm on December 21, 2012, Jim McCarter said…

I liked them do you delete a comment?

At 8:33pm on December 10, 2012, Jim McCarter said…

Richard  Just a couple more..George "goofy" Martin (as the crews called him) took a liking to a cat at the Sonoma depot. I don't remember the cats name, but it was a strange name for a cat. Anyway, he would always care for it and come to feed it regular even on his day off. While I was there one day, and he came to feed it, he brought a n empty grocery bag, and proceeded to fill it with rolls of toilet paper to take home.for himself. My dad asked him if he would mind leaving one or two for the rest of the crews (sort of jokingly) and he had to pull some back out of the bag, so I guess he would have cleaned the cabinet out left alone. Also, there was a crewman named Pickrell. All I remember about him was that he used to find stuff at the crossings (hub caps etc) and once in a while he would get too far away, and they would have to slow down or stop to get him back, and then there would be alot of yelling at the end of the day. One time (I heard) he found a tricycle, and the crew jokingly accused him of pushing the little kid off so he could steal it. I also remember a true story of the crew heading to Willits and about Santa Rosa they would get erratic power from the consist. My dad could not figure it out, so he took me with him for company down to the Ely crossing to wait for it coming out of town pulling hard, and when it went by it was pulling perfectly. But he saw a couple of guys riding in the third unit (who waved) and he knew which guys they were and they were jokesters. All of a sudden, it came to him what they were doing was about Santa Rosa it would get dark, and they  would wait until the engineer need power and pulling hard theywould throw that unit into isolation. When they saw the engineer or fireman start to come back (interior lights would show them off) they would throw it back into run. The train crew could not tell over the exhaust noise from indide the cab and because it was dark could not see lack of black smoke from exhaust.  When he saw them couple days later, he accused them and they said yes thats what they were doing, but only to that ccertain engineer. He told them to  quit it because although it was funny, it was going to open a can of worms in if the guys in Willits work hard trying to find out whats wrong and then these guys get caught they would be in trouble. Besides, he thought it was a foolish prank that might cause more serious problems. Anyhow, lucky for you as I am running out of stuff....

At 8:58pm on December 9, 2012, Jim McCarter said…

Richard  I may have already told you,but there was one train crew that told my father that they would take me onboard from Sonoma and drop me off at Ely crossing in Petaluma on their way to Willits. Our place was about 1/2 mile walk. They obviously were willing to stop the whole train at Ely. I was only 10 0r 12. Inside I wanted to, but my father turned them down because as you know they would have got in alot of trouble if they got caught and he did not want them to risk that. He knew well how bad I wanted to, but I acted like I didn'tcare.  I believe the engineer was Stan Purdom and I guess now the fireman was your father. It would make sense because I am sure your father knew how interested you were. Not all train crews were that friendly to kids. Purdom and one Custer were very nice to me. I just do not know which Custer. But if your dad worked alongside Purdom as fireman, it had to have been your father.  Purdom lived in Sonoma and would work on his own car. Sometimes he would get in over his head and he would bring his car down to the depot or sometimes he would call my dad and he would go toStans house and try to help him out. As for Brooks, he had a bow and arrow and onetime came into Sonoma from Willits and had a buck he shot with his bow on the back of the caboose (so I was told). Only once did I ride on the steam engine out of Willits to Fort Bragg and it was Brooks son the engineer. My he and my dad pointed out all the stuff on the steam engine. My dad knew steam well as a machinist and Brooks learned them too so they had a great old time. Look, Wallshart valve gear, etc etc.  I was really odd man out. Brooks jr came back at the half way point, because he thought of some questions, and on it went. I never really got to talk to him  myself, so I really don't know anything about him. As for Ogles, your uncle, I beleive he was the one my dad said was nicknamed Oh Oh Ogles.  I did not know him, but somewhere in the 80's, we started having American Pest control come out to spray my parents and out house, and the man I believe was Jim Ogles, son of Oh Oh Ogles. I guess he would be your cousin and as you know he passed away very young. Every time he came, he spent more time talking to my father than he spent spraying. He was a real nice guy and tfhey always talked about his father and railroad stuff. I will give you a rest now.....


At 6:53pm on December 8, 2012, Jim McCarter said…

Richard..Just thinking of some names from Sonoma--Aubuchon, Brooks, Burns, CUSTER, Easter, Holliday, Martin, Ogles, Parks, Purdom  officials Erickson, Neal  Electrician Dennis Master mechanic Hanson.  Some or all familiar to you and do you have any stories about any of them?


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