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New NWP Book by Angelo Figone

I received my copy of the  wonderful new (yeah I just found out about it!) NWP Book by, Angelo Figone, what a wonderful addition to my Fred Stint and Bray Dickensen (a cousin) collection!Been sitting…Continue

Started Apr 8

The 844 Big Boy will be in Sacramento Sept 29 & 30
8 Replies

All you railfans headsup! The UP will be having a celebration Sept 29 & 30 in Old Sacramento.Among other things the 844 Big Boy is supposed to be there. Check this link, scroll down …Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Keith Ode Aug 27, 2012.

Anyone catch the noon news from KCRA Sacramento Today?
5 Replies

The Highspeed Train group announced today it's gonna cost a "little" more that originally thought. Did I hear correctly  98 billion dollars and won't be completed for 20 years? Supposed to break…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Bob Burns Nov 2, 2011.

Not NWP related but info for railroad history buffs.

 I had occasion today to speak with William Bliss. He is the grandson of DL Bliss (as in DL Bliss State Park) who owned Glenbrook and built narrow gauge railroads on the west, east, and north shores…Continue

Started Jul 26, 2010


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Santa Cruz rail tours

"Talking about Watsonville. Just wondering if anyone remembers the SP storing their CAB Forwards at the Watsonville yard during the "off season" between harvests? Used to see several of them there back in the mid to late 1950s when we…"
Jul 28
Bob Burns replied to Patrick hellen's discussion Railroad crossing Sonoma Creek bridge (looking for pictures) Schellville
"Patrick Checking to see if you are still out there! We'll be in Schellville Apr29 to May 2nd! Get in touch with me at my email! Patriciai Cullinan sent me a plot map from the 1920'a that shows a SPRR Depot East of Hwy…"
Apr 19
Bob Burns posted a discussion

New NWP Book by Angelo Figone

I received my copy of the  wonderful new (yeah I just found out about it!) NWP Book by, Angelo Figone, what a wonderful addition to my Fred Stint and Bray Dickensen (a cousin) collection!Been sitting here in Albuquerque , NM kinda layed up so had time to start through the book focusing on Sonoma-Schellville information and have a comment and question regarding a couple of photos.1. Page 282 Schellville Photo caption indicates "Crossing Guard Arms Down" yet there are none present. My cousin's…See More
Apr 8

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How did you learn about the NWPRR Network?
I grew up with the NWPRR. My cousin owned the blacksmith shop across the tracks from the Schellville Depot.
Favorite NWP locomotive or piece of rolling stock, if you have one?
Locomotive NWP 112

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At 7:31pm on January 15, 2015, steve lang said…

i avoid el dorado county @ all costs.

At 8:46am on March 1, 2013, Jim McCarter said…

Bob   did you see address etc for Larry Derrington I posted comment on your page Dec 6? Thought you may have missed it...

At 11:33pm on December 6, 2012, Jim McCarter said…

Bob   regards Larry Derrington

Madrone vineyard management

19368 Orange Ave

Sonoma 95476

Office  707 996 4012

Cell 707 332-8812


see Ya

At 7:41pm on December 3, 2012, Jim McCarter said…

PS? That was Carlson Plywood, and sometimes they used the NWP yard in Sonoma for their boxcar freight. I guess because there was no dock in Schellville? My  One of my older brothers did his apprenticeship at Sonoma Ford starting in 63. Not long before it had ben Whitehead like you say. He saw ERnie Coats frequently and would go over there sometimes at lunch. They hit it off good. I got first job in detail shop in summer of 65, but I think I may have only seen Ernie once or twice. Very old I thought then, I was only 16. 50 would have been old!! One time walking tracks on route to Penngrove when we were about 9 or 10), freight train was coming from up north. Moving fast and using dynamic brakes I am sure (learned why later) we decided not to stand alongside tracks (track raised, we were little they looked way up there, probably going 40 or so kind of scary) sowe slipped into a culvert under the tracks. Dumbest thing we could have done. We were too petrified to come out until it passed. The noise and ground vibration was  incredible. Thought we were going to die (sort of).  Your turn

At 7:17pm on December 3, 2012, Jim McCarter said…

Sounds like a great profession to be in. Something you can do as long as you want? I am not a member of the trucking historical groups, in fact not a member of any group until I signed on to NWPRR. My father in law (Ernie Woldemar) worked for Roy Jameson & Sons when he was not wrenching at Boitano and Meadows (Auto car, White dealer) and in the mid 50's several local dairymen started Challenge Milt Transport. He was one of the two first they hired (the other was Earl Ringlund). They all had grown up together back on ranches and hay press teams. He drove for them until 76 or 77 and retired. He also drove for (and partnered in the late 60's early 70's) with Fred Crikos and Ray Anderson when C&A was starting up. My father in law contributed a beautiful Auto Car that he had gone through end to end. He ended up selling it to C&A when he sold out. The wives were too involved, did not work out . All those trucks through 77 were twin stick spicers. Towards the end of his career, they bought a few new 76 Kenworths (they always had Peterbuilts with 220's) with big bore 250's. He was excited at first because they always pulled doubles and the run to Humbolt creamery was hard pulls, and hethought oh boy, little more horsepower. But the mechanic convinced the owners that they would last much longer if he cut the horsepower back. So thats what they did, and my father in law said I think time has come  see ya! With all his overtime and double jobs, he had earned his full retirement by 57. So he moved to oregon, got a couple of acres, tractor orchard and motor home and lived happily ever after!!!  I will get phone number aned contact info for Larry this week for you. Do you remember the engineer? Some train crew were alot more friendly to kids that others. Tar weed? You are the first person that I have ever heard mention they loved the smell. I loved it too, and whenever I smell it in summer, it reminds me of those hot lazy summer days when we were kids and would comb all the neighboring ranches with a 22 or little bow and arrow. Never shot anything but cans and bottles, but it was summer fun. Sometimes walk the tracks up into Penngrove, go to the general store, prop the 22 on the outside of the building by the door, and go in and buy whatever (candy, coke, 22 shells). We would have been 12 through about 14 when we quit doing that. Then it was cool to ride a Honda up there, or anywhere else we could. Kinda got tired of looking for frogs and turtles too.  Rather go look for girls!! Catch was they did not want us to look for them. One time in Vegas took a city tour, I think we may have gone to that chocolate factory? I will have to think about that one.  Have fun in Vegas.. until then see ya

At 10:13pm on November 28, 2012, Jim McCarter said…

bob   It was Ron Harrah who passed away, but DON Harrah is who I meant to say is fine and doing well. I did not know Jim Derrington ever drove for Groskopff.  What kind of work do you do? Talk about finger shift, my father in law  would stick one arm through the steering wheel so that he could "massage" both sticks at the same time split shifting. He would use the palm of his hands. hands looked like catchers mitt, but would not grind a gear. He would be into it so deep, the expression on his face looked like he was dissarming a bomb.anyway, I got to go too, so I will wait till I here from you when you can..

At 10:42pm on November 27, 2012, Jim McCarter said…

Somebody else who just died was Ron Harrah. Bother Ron still fine. As for Scott family, Elmer had a few hundred acres down Corona road on both sides of the track. When 101 went through, they wanted 30 or so acres from Elmer. He fought it and lost of course, but he did get them to value it per acre for the same price he had sold just 2 to Oberg lumber at the back corner of his ranch. About where  Cattlemans is. He took the money and bought the Elphick ranch off old adobe and the Hardin ranch off old adobe later. He kept selling land off Corona (post office and all that commercial land in that are) for more and bigger money. Bought dairy on Roblar road and moved dairy out there. Son Mark runs it. Had cattle only up in mountains off adobe. He invited us to come up and watch part of the filming of CUJO at the Hardin ranch, because there was something about the old house and ranch that filmmakers liked. If there was other films made their I would believe it, just never knew it.  Never knew of any property

 in Sonoma though. I met a Bobby Scott in Sonoma. Ranch hand to Stu Lambert, but was no connection to the Scotts over on corona or old adobe. Sometime around 1970 Elmers oldest son Ron tried to commit suicide by. Elkmer shooting himself in mouth. Bad job and ended up in hospital many months in vegetative state, and then died.  Elmer had nervose breakdown and semi retired. His other two sons Mark and Tom kind of took over asElmer just lost interest. Before I get cut off, if you got called in for extra duty, then you are not retired. So, lived in Tahoe since 71, Family? what kind of work do you do?What took you to Tahoe?How and why so interested in a many railroads etc..not trying to be too nosey, but if it is I understand.        your turn.. 

At 10:16pm on November 27, 2012, Jim McCarter said…

IF YOU INSIST...if you left willowbrook, climbed ely hill and went another 200 yards there would be a private road to your left, ours, and you would travel east on it about 1/4 and thats where are place is. yoiu cannot see it from ely unless you go another 1/4 and look left and back. anyway, you talk about manure spreader, well we we out of the chicken business by 55 completely. we had 31 houses, about 2/3 were built 1915 to 1922 and were 16 x56, then in 24 built 10 more 20 x60.  by the late fifties we started tearing them all down and giving tthe lumber to anyone who asked and burning others. by 59 a neighbors kid wanted to expand his dads ranch cause they we going broke. he asked us if he could rent the 10 bigger ones. my dad told him they could use them for free, because he did not think they could make enough money to pay rent anyhow. Where I come in is I got to clean them for free for the non rent payers and we had an old 35 chev 1 1/2 4sp . old golden eagle feed truck. anyway we would shovel all the "stuff" on the back of the truck and one of my brothers would drive it out into our field. Petaluma, summer, afternoon wind you got it. he would usually drive  with the wind while i tried to shovel broadcast into the wind. all that sh**dust would fly back and stick to me. always ended up in fight, i always lost, still had shovel too. I would have been 11 at that time, never got to drive it. Dad said wasn"t worth license, and we blew clutch, times tight parked it. never ran again. Had 33 dodge pickup on ranch too. suicide doors  and windshield cranked open. good little truck. gave it to Dr bob osteroff (car nut) who gave it to some guy if SF who restored it and used it for delivery/show truck. Some deli or sandwich shop. Still around so I hear. When we were kids we drove that thing all over the ranch like a dune buggy, even me. floor shift 3sp,  whine bad in low. My grandfaather bought it new in El Paso on a vacation trip in 33. had it shipped to petaluma via SP.  Jim Derrington passed away last year or so. still see Larry, works for vineyard company as head mechanic. Poor old Jim went downhill fast after he sold that station. Used to come to our store, hangout,BS, and just wait for someone to come in and talk to him.  Sold for big money, broke his heart as it was his life.

      will continue

At 9:01pm on November 26, 2012, Jim McCarter said…

Sorry, but one more.  Tommy Ladd went through a period of years as a kid hanging out at the depot with my dad. My dad used to kid they he felt like he was raising him. Anyway, something was up at the Ladd home, but my dad would never tell us.Whatever it was, Tommy wanted to stay as long as he could. Of course it was against company rules, but my dad got along well with the master mechanic who would allow it, but my dad was always carefull so any person would not get hurt. Anyway, Tommy had a thing for electrical stuff and my dad would give him relays, solenoids, knife switches when he had used ones. Even an old radio cell and lantern batteries. Then, my dad would see Tommy over at Arnold field and never thought much about it until the police showed up at the depot and asked my dad if he ever saw anybody overthere because electrical stuff was being stolen. My dad said no, I never see anybody, but he suspected Tommy. So later he had a sincere chat with Tommy, who denied it of course. Then one day the police came up and parked in the depot lot, whiole they went over to arnold field to check it out. While they were gone, somebody stole the radio out of the police car!!!! They again asked my dad, any idea and of course he said no idea. He knew by that time it sure was Tommy, but he kept it to himself and was going to get on Tommy next time he saw him to quit doing that stuff, its wrong etc. Somehow the cops decided to go over to the house and found the radio and lots of other stuff and he got in big trouble. His parents would not ever let him go back to the trainyard, as my dad thought they thought it or he was bad influence. He never saw Tommy again, and it hurt him alot because he really liked Tommy. By the time Tommy would have been old enough to come back on his own, the depot was closed.  Now it is your turn again

At 8:35pm on November 26, 2012, Jim McCarter said…

Bob you may have got cut of because your story ended with Ernie Coats and primer.  The rest was great. I knew your  cousin Franklin from Petaluma auto parts. I was there from 68 to 77. Helen Putnam was a teacher at our two room country schoolhouse called Waugh School on the corner of corona and old adobe road. My dad was a trustee there for 15 years with two ither ranchers Elmer Scott and Bill Drew. Helen used to come to oour house on shool business , but they would bs until after we had to go to bed. They exchanged xmas cards with letters up until the end. Great lady, real charachter. Scared me sort of with all the bracelets though. Every year we had a clean up at school. All the neighbors came and worked. It would be in August and at the end of the day they would have a big bonfire and weenie and marshmello roast. My dad would drive our farmall with sickle bar up their and mow all over. About 4th grade he started to tell little stories about his back was sore or he had to get home for some reason, so he needed me to drive it home. His last words would be something like "now, be damn careful and don"t do something dumb. stay to the side of the road. If I hear anything from anybody that you were goofing off, I'll give you a licking when you get home".  Needless to say, I would drive it strictly business (he never gave us a licking anyway, but the fear of one was enough) and of course everybody would pass me and wave. You talk about big stuff and feeling 10 feet tall. That was the real reason to have me do it, I just didn't see through it. We had our place off ely road, about a mile from corona. Over the hill are the nwp tracks and willow brook feed mill. My grandfather started the ranch in 1915 and my dads older brother started the Penngrove Hatchery about 1924. So, by 1936 all my dad did was work on the ranch. Seemed everyone had money, except my dad, he got room and board so he decided to setoff and find a trade at 22, had an uncle in El Paso at SP general shop, said they were hiring apprentices. 10,000 hours was the term. So he did and about the time he was a jouneyman machinist the war started soon after and he was frozen on the job. He had met my mother and had my two older brothers already, so after all the overtime during the war (6 days, 10-12 hours each) alot of it welding, he made the choice after the war to come back to the ranch and raise his family, thought the ranch was a better place to raise a family. Chickens failed by 53 so went to NWP in Tiburon. They put him in Sonoma where he stayed till 68 when they closed it. Transfered tp Petaluma, but there they wanted him to take on the extra work that one old guy did, and the old guy would be let go. He refused so they stuck him on MOW for awhile, but he feklt he did not fit there so he quit. Tried WP in Oroville, but they were not like SP so he ended up with SP in west oakland till 78 when he retired. Still lived on the ranch though, never wanted to move.  Got off the track though, there was a McClure family on Old Adobe road. I swear, I was told by my dad that one of the McClures drove a crawler up onto the sidewalk in Penngrove. Went into the bar, got more toasted then got a haircut next door. By that time the sheriff cameby and asked him if he was through. McClure said yes and drove it on home. I guess all those stories are going away. Also, by 78-80 I remember Pellandini's had Petes all decked out, but they were conventionals. How about Joe Kiser, Paul Norrbom, Bill Montini, Ray mulas? I still see those guys alot.  Your turn   Jim

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Steam action in ABQ, NM

In todays newspaper! Hope the link works!

Steam action in ABQ, NM! In todays paper! Hope the link works!…


Posted on August 23, 2018 at 9:44pm

CP National Recruiting

In todays Sacramento Bee (5-4-14) CP National RR is recruiting for Trainmasters and Conductors. I thought that was a bit odd they'd be advertising way down here!

Posted on May 4, 2014 at 2:17pm — 4 Comments


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