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Comment by Kevin Bunker on November 2, 2017 at 3:54pm

This sure triggered a happy flashback. Maybe a year or two before the end, I was on the way to Camino to buy apples and paused for lunch at P'ville. Getting out of the car I heard an unfamilar air horn and knew it had to be the CP&LT. That meant "the heck with lunch!" and I hit the road fast.  They were just heading out of town and back uphill to Camino, so it was far too easy to get ahead of them. At the firt Highway 50 grade xing it was a stand around and wait session. In the distance the roar of twin Cat engines and also-roaring traction motors signaled a slow approach ... and then the sound shifted as the train got closer (but still out of sight). Once it hove-to around the bend I saw why the odd noise -- it was both 44-tonners in full cry and maybe seven cars behind them, but on the 4% grade. Awesome? Oh, yeah!  I don't recall these units having MU equipment and since I didn't have a camera that day (idiot!) I just had to observe. It must have been a pure double -header. Anyway, caught them again at the next crossing, too and again in the Camino yard. Those GEs seemed to be panting when they hit the home terminal.

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