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"SPINS (Southern Pacific Industrial Numbering System) is a standard method of identifying industries and switching zones, tracks and consignee loading and unloading points...."

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Comment by Tommy Tommy on January 24, 2014 at 12:38am

I didn't see a date on this. If the info. in this SPINS pamphlet was current info., it would have be circa 1969-71. Sausalito Branch is listed as open in pamphlet and that branch closed 1971. Handi-Cup is shown at it's Corte Madera location, and that move occurred in 1969. Pretty fantastic bit of history here! 

Comment by Dave S. on July 9, 2011 at 3:49pm

I've made progress organizing the SPINS images.  I thought sorting those images was going to be a nightmare, but it turned out to be quite easy.  I came up with a file naming convention and went through and added a prefix to each file:


Cpp_ (for Cover page pp)

Fpp_ (for Foreword page pp)

ZzzIii_ (for Zone zz and Index page ii)

ZzzSss_  (for Zone zz and map Sheet ss)


With all the files renamed this way, the "pages" automatically sort correctly and the duplicate pages (and there were quite a few) were easily eliminated.  You can then view using the Windows Picture Viewer and go forward/backward through the images in a much more logical way.  Far more enjoyable, for me, anyway.


Download from here, only 6.64 MB now:


NWP SPINS, Rev. 01


I still have a goal of turning this into a PDF, but I might try to fix a few of the pages first (alignment, rotation, etc.)


Hope you like it!



Comment by Dave S. on July 9, 2011 at 10:38am

I need help organizing these SPINS images!


I've written a program that automatically retrieves all the photos from these three NWP SPINS album pages, and saves them to my local drive.  These "raw" image files are given a sequential file name e.g. "NwpImage_0000_nwpSanRafaelEureka003.JPG" where "0000" is the unique sequential number for the file and the part after that is the actual photo title. 


One of the images in this set "NwpImage_0003_nwpSanRafaelEureka004.JPG" is in landscape orientation.  The program automatically detects this and rotates it into portrait orientation, so that it is saved consistent with the others.


Here's the resulting file set:

In addition, as each of these "raw" images are saved, the program splits the image in half along the vertical to form left and right halves.  These two new images are saved individually with "L" and "R" in the filename for identification:

Example of one split image file, "NwpImage_0018_R_nwpSanRafaelEureka018.JPG", for Willits:

OK, you're still with me!


I've zipped the two sets of files and placed them on my website for anyone to download:


I NEED YOUR HELP!  Anyone wish to sort these images into correct order?  It would be great to recreate the original booklet in PDF form.  However, this is a little tricky.  You will find that there are duplicate images in this set of files because the NWPRR.NET SPINS album has duplicates.  There might be missing pages as well.


One way to sort the "Split" images is to rename each file by adding "P####_" to the beginning of each filename, where #### is an approximate page number.  I realize that it won't take four digits to number these pages, but for sorting, it's easier to leave large gaps in the sequence so that pages can be inserted numerically anywhere in the sequence.


Once we have a list of the split images in correct order I can write another program that will take the list and assemble into a PDF booklet.


Any interest?


Note:  the above zip files may be removed at some future date.  Also, if there are any C#

Comment by Matt Jacobs on July 8, 2011 at 6:40am



That's what I was noticing as well.  Spur numbers weren't correlating with the pages, so I figured one big zip, I could page through it myself, and organize. 


Eitehr way, the fact that these are available is wonderful!

Comment by Cory W Swank on July 7, 2011 at 6:28pm

If you PM me your email I can send you a zip. It is 7mb and the site only allows 5mb on here.



Comment by Dave S. on July 7, 2011 at 2:12pm

I had asked Mark previously if he wouldn't mind freshly scanning all these pages into a PDF, but apparently the originals were on loan to him from someone else.


These pages are frustrating because they are not organized, difficult to download, and possibly include duplicate sheets or missing others.  I think that they were once bound into a 4.25" wide x 11" tall booklet.  Someone probably removed the staples in the middle of each sheet (not page) and photographed each side of each sheet separately.  Since there's no page numbers it's been difficult trying to put them in correct order. 


Let's say there are 40 sheets, then sheet 1 will have the front cover and back cover.  Sheet 2 will have first inside page and last inside page, etc.  The point being you can't simply print these pages individually on one-side and bind into something that makes sense.  They need to be printed on two-sides in the correct order.  So, unfortunately, this is a "project".


Some of the pages are skewed with text/maps clipped at edges.  A fresh scan would really be desirable.


If I get a spare few hours I was going to electronically re-assemble these sheets into a PDF booklet.  When printed on a duplexing printer it should be possible to approximate the original booklet layout, which I think is essential to making these pages usable.


I had previously downloaded these pages individually so that I could print them, but it appears I didn't keep those files otherwise I could e-mail a ZIP to you.


If I make any progress towards a printable SPINS I will post something here.


Comment by Matt Jacobs on July 7, 2011 at 9:52am
Is there anyway to get these all as one zip? 

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