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Hey all, just wondering whos interested in making a "documentary" style movie on the NWP, that we could maybe sell at the NWPRRHS..I'm working on my Cinematography merit badge for scouts, and I want to do something rail-oriented, and, well, if im going to do NWP, might as well go all out. 

Im kinda dragging and morphing together ideas from Macheans of Iron's 1999 release of "Northwestern Pacific Volume 1" and History Channels 2009 series "Extream Trains". 

Just an idea, wanted to see if anyone else is interested in filming the NWP to an extent we could do a movie. 


-Chad Gustafson

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I belive Roger Greaber is putting a video together on the NWP, I even sent him some of my videos and photos to use

Someone just found this rare film of John Williams' early years.. 

John William's early years?

Hahaha that was hilarious..

It was! Nice find, Steve! :-D


Zachary M. Toler

Hey there Chad,

 I have footage from the early 90s that I shot while SP was still running the line.

I have all the equipment necessary to do your Documentary. You might want to check out  They are a huge resource for videographers.

One thing you are going to have to look at is "doing it legally".

Talk to you later,


Hello All

I have produced 3 videos on the NWP & SMART that are available from the NWPRRHS. THe New NWP DVD one and two, 2012 & 2013. And SMART Construction by Stacy and Whitbeck / Herzog 2013. These only document the current state of the NWP. There is a 10 minute pre history on NWP DVD#1. Several movies from the NWPRRHS ARCHIVE have also been digitised and are available on DVD. Gold spike 1914 and 1967.



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