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Lawrence knows about this but others may be interested to learn that there's a Google group focused on Timber Heritage Association projects, and a recent post in that group detailed a meeting between John Williams of the NWP and members of the THA. The link to the group discussion and the text of the meeting report follow:

A few weeks ago, John Williams, the operator for Northwestern Pacific, asked me if I would speak at the NCRA meeting to be held in Eureka in November. I was out of town, and told him if he would get us on the agenda, I would speak. He then followed up with a request to meet with THA the day before, which Mike Kellogg and I did yesterday. He wanted to see where the switch would need to go to connect the roundhouse with the NWP. He wanted to then meet over lunch, and talk about what we should do at the the NCRA meeting. He then met with Karen Diemer, from City of Arcata, who is in charge of the trail project from Arcata to Bracut along the railroad. They walked in the rain together for three hours discussing issues of trail along the rail. He said it was very productive.

THA followed by Karen Diemer were the first two things on the agenda at today's meeting. I gave the NCRA board an overview of THA's history and struggles, and where we want to go. Mike produced some color photos of the speeder operations, which each director got. One director expressed his strong desire for a special speeder ride when NCRA meets in Eureka this summer. I explained the purchase of the passenger cars, and John Williams support in financing this. Mr. Williams wanted me to plant the idea of NCRA starting to look for funding to repair the tracks around the bay. Linda Atkins picked this up and expressed her desire to finally see some attention paid to the north end. When it was John Williams turn to speak, he reinforced what we had said and said he fully supports THA's efforts to get the excursion train going, and reinforce the desire to find funding for track rehab. Karen Diemer asked us to come out into the hall and talk. Mike, Pete and I heard that as a part of the trail work, they will be doing an air flight of the trail route to shoot video, and asked if we would be interested in being a part of this. Pete suggested that footage of the speeder would be useful for the convention and visitor's bureau. We discussed the possibility of putting the speeder on at bracut (the mill yard) crossing, and running along this section. This would happen in the next 30 days. I believe that this rail and trail project can be a good thing and help everyone involved. Mr. Williams and I are in complete agreement that we should just focus our efforts on making the trail work and getting the track fixed and the excursion train running and create as much consensus around this as we can. This was a very good day. We will be contacted about the speeder soon. How about it? Are some of you up for running on some different track?


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