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I gotta call a spade a spade. IMHO, they should take their site down until there is actually something on it.


Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that NWPRR is running again, but they seem to have no public relations whatsoever. Come on, NWPRR, get your pr act together!!



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oh ok I thought you were calling THIS website pathetic.

That's EXACTLY what I thought, untill I read the discussion!



Zachary M. Toler


They probably don't have it in their budget to launch a full web site being that they're only doing trips of grain and lumber so far.. what's that... 3 clients? Their contact information is on the page.
but lets refrain from calling them and asking when they are running, their phone number is for customers only

You are possibly correct, Garrett, they have no money.

But they are business people, and their website reflects their business. Better to take it down until they are ready.

And they list a fax number instead of an email address? Yikes!

well how are customers get a hold of them to become shippers for the railroad

A fax number, really? Do they think their future costomers are living in caves, or what? Seriuosly, get a phone number or email, for the sake of your own company.


Zachary M. Toler

They do have a phone number listed, and FAX is not out dated in the business world, They work great for sending orders and receipts.

I repeat: their website is pathetic. Who would want to do business with them?

In my opinion i think that thier website should have a shipping calculator on it so a customer could figure what it would cost to ship on the line. Also having unloading points like shellville and petaluma would be a great option. I think that if someone on here is a webdesigner they may wanna call nwp and see if they can help get it going.


Carl that's a deep that the NWP is rolling.....well,....sort of rolling, I am still wondering what's up?  Are there shippers just waiting in the wings to load freight on cars or does the NWP expect the shippers to contact them about transportation.  All along I've been saying that the marketing of the railroad is the most important part of the journey for any start-up.  You've gotta go looking for business.  Tooting your horn isn't going to bring business your way, nor is ignoring your most important task.  Get on the PR, do some promoting, let the shippers know what they will get for their money.  So far I see feed into Petaluma, and not much else.  2,500 carloads by the end of next year is highly speculative.  Get your priorities straight because failure is right around the corner.  We'd all be disappointed to see this railroad go the way of the chopping block.  Enough said............JBRioGrande

Its all in money, and unfortunintly, the NWP just started, and has no money, but is having a rather bright future so far, considering past NWP ventures..

possitive thinking man. Its good stuff. 


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