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08/08/09 2150-cdt

I believe that Class-I and any other rail transportation company have at least 3-crew members to ensure optimal safety conditions; Engineer, Foreman/Conductor, &, Switchman/

I also believe that the FRA should regulate ton/mile spec's so that railroads would prioritize
business instead to answering to stockholders.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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Hello Bill,

Do you know how the "new" NWP, Co., will be structured? I can't find much info on the web or on the NCRA's site. I'm just wondering if it will be a privately-held entity or if there are plans to raise capital in some other way. And I take it what's good for the business and what's good for shareholders is often (but not always) at odds, as in other industries? Regards,

Mark D.
Same. i aggree. and MR. Drury, the frieght is expected between Windsor and Shellville on Jan. 9th O9. I talked with a former NWP engneer who worked on the line in 97. He said that the new "NWP" co is basicly just a company built for the NWP. He said that if their bid wasn't the biggest NWP co would shrivel up and dissapeer. they also do not have a website.


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