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I am modeling Tiburon yard circa 1953 and am looking for information on the idler cars used to switch the ATSF barge. I have a color photo from that era that shows them in the background painted silver with some black diagonal stripes on the sides. They appear to be made from cars other than flat cars. There are two straight sill cars and one fish belly car with sills similar to the older box car. Stindts book volume 2 has a photo of one circa 1917, though these appear different from that car. Any information that one may have on these cars during or near 1953, such as length, origin, etc. , would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Mike

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Yes please, your photos would be much appreciated.

The old SF State Belt RR used idler cars on the Embarcadero.  (They were just about the only rolling stock the State Belt ever owned.)  I saw at least a couple of them about maybe three years ago or so down on a siding near the CalTrain terminal.  I found a nice photo of them (in a different location, apparently.)  They say they were moved someplace else, but I know they were there fairly recently.  Here's the pic:  These aren't the Tiburon idlers, I suppose, but likely a pretty close approximation.  Perhaps you might find them useful.

Bob,  Do you have any info on that Double T Ag Museum?  They have a vague website but I see no track in the area or any buildings on Google Earth.  Sounds like they have been open long enough to show up. No mention of any other rolling stock other than the History Train and very little info on a web search.  Interesting that those idle cars ended up there.

I've never heard of the Double T Ag Museum.  It may even be somebody's collection of junk machinery, since some people collect old agricultural junk.  You might check with somebody at the San Francisco Trains. (  They picked up some of the old Belt Line stuff along the way.  Somebody there would probably know.  Their web photo says it was taken in 1987 and they went to the Double T Ag Museum, but would be returning to SF in the future.  I know I saw them not more than three or four years ago parked down by the CalTrain terminal between the terminal and the Embarcadero, easily seen from the street.  Sorry I don't know more.

Here is their website,

Interesting history about the locomotive.  Looks like its a static display train.

Apparently so.  I'm somewhat doubtful about it being "the oldest surviving Union Pacific standard gage locomotive left in existence."  I suppose, as is often the case with such claims, it may be the oldest first purchased new by Union Pacific, but since the Central Pacific became the Union Pacific in a merger along the way, I'd think the Leland Stanford, Central Pacific #1, at the Cal. State Railroad Museum, would actually be entitled to make that claim.  But what do I know?


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