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I have heard some mention there was a third coach used occasionally on the 'Redwood' numbered 2316. It is also on the decal sheet I have. Does anyone know where I can find photos of this car? Any help is greatly appreciated.

This was the Harriman car with 3-axle trucks added, reclining seats and restyled interior to resemble the P-S lightweights. There are a few published exterior shots of it in Stindt's NWP Vol.II and in the SPH&TS volume on coach and chair cars. I don't recall seeing any specific interior views of its interior, although there are published photos of virtually identical cars that were part of the Pacific Lines pool group.

Its outer paint scheme -- imitation stainless steel (aluminum color) with narrow Sunset Limited-style red letterboard edged in lettering gray pinstripes and imitation stainless steel trucks paint gave it a fairly seamless look when coupled to the SP 2401, 2467 and Harriman baggage-express car assigned to the Redwood. This assumes you pay little attention to the rivets and roofline, etc.

~Kevin Bunker

This coach was a 79-C-5. Check the coaches and chair car book out. There is a color photo of it in simulated stainless steel with the script Redwood name plate. I'm not near it, or I would give you the page #.


Don't know if this has been posted before but there is a grainy photo of heavyweight coach 2316 on the Redwood in a Sausalito News article in 1956: PUC Will Investigate Charges Of 'Obsolete' Car On Redwood Train. It is also mentioned here when car 2201 returned: Second Streamlined Car To Go Back On Redwood

It is interesting to read the complaint. If the Redwood were running today, I'd definitely be riding in the 2316. :)

Cyrus, did you ever get a photo? I believe the photo Bob Hogan just sent me is of this car. If you want, I'll check with him to see if I can forward it to you


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