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Someone sent the following to the NWP Yahoo Group -- should make you N-Scalers happy:

Atlas just announced that they will be releasing an NWP 40' DS wood box car in N
scale. It's great to see a manufacturer recognizing the NWP (in N scale). I know
that Red Caboose and other companies have done runs of NWP cars in other scales
(40' flats, box cars, and stock cars) and that even Atlas has done an NWP box in
O scale, but before now, the only N scale cars available were the Micro Trains
black 'Overnight' box (2 numbers, both discontinued) and the green 'Store Door'
box (2 numbers, both discontinued). Now us N scalers will have a standard BCR
box to run with them (well, technically not 'with' them since both of the other
cars mostly ran as express cars on passenger trains). Here's the link for more

and a drawing of the car:

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Hey, that's good news. Thanks for the heads up, Mark.
We stopped by The Train Shop yesterday and was delighted to discover one of these. I found one prototype photo from an earlier era (30-40's?) and the model looks pretty darn close. It's a 1919 car with a 8-58 repaint with Gothic lettering. I'm really happy with it and looking forward to lightly weathering it.
Correction: 8-56 repaint


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