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Hello to all!  I'm writing from the Fortuna Depot Museum, in Fortuna's Rohner Park (located in the old Eel River and Eureka Rail Road/NWPRR Fortuna Depot, moved to the park in 1974).  Our holiday season exhibits at the museum this year will have a theme of railroads and 1914, to tie in with the 2014 100th anniversary of the completion of the NWP line/driving of the golden spike at Cain Rock.  We are hoping to contact people in the Humboldt-area model railroading scene who would be interested and able to help us with one aspect of these exhibits.  We would love to have some model railroad material set up at various locations throughout the exhibits -- one of the ideas that has been mentioned, by our  museum board chair, was to work with an idea that was used on the Eureka Inn's Christmas tree one year, to have a model train actually running up and down the Christmas tree -- with the track on a platform that was built to encircle the tree for that purpose.  That, of course, might be a little ambitious!  But at any rate, we would be very grateful if someone from the club could contact us.  Our number at the Depot Museum is 725-7645, and we can also be reached via email at

Thank you!

All the best,

Alex Service, Curator, Fortuna Depot Museum

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I would love to be part of the organization of the 100 year anniversary... I've always thought that we should contact the NCRA and find a way to plan an event, even if the line isn't open. 

I'm a Timber Heritage Volunteer and i would love to see about merging with some other people to make an event happen. 

Yes, definitely, a 100-year anniversary event (or multiple events, for that matter) needs to happen.  I've been mulling over sending out an exploratory email, discussing ideas for that, to various organizations, including Timber Heritage.  I'm juggling multiple projects at the moment to get everything together for the Christmas exhibits at the museum, but hopefully I will get my act together to be able to send out such an email relatively soon.  We can't let an anniversary like this go by without at least some appropriate recognition!

I had always hoped that centennial could have coincided with some glimmer of hope for an excursion train, but that might not be for many more years. Maybe we need to do a special speeder ride!

Hi Alex, I'm a Timber Heritage volunteer too.  I'll put the word out with some THA and local model railroad folks about this.  Another connection might be to come present ideas at one of our Board meetings...I believe the 4th Tuesday of each month at Larry Doss' Ming Tree office in Eureka around 6:30.

Best, Linda

Great, thank you!  So is that meeting coming up this coming Tuesday?  (It's not cancelled due to being Thanksgiving week or anything like that?)

Yes, the next THA Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 11/26 @ 6:30 pm at Ming Tree Real Estate, 509 J Street, Eureka.  You should probably give Mike Kellogg a heads up if you're planning on going; his number is 443-2957.


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