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Be interested in access to Eureka's port and an East/West route to it?


See the excerpt #19 in the link below.

On August 31, 2012, Union Pacific Railroad (UP) wrote a letter to City of Eureka Mayor Frank Jager and the City Council stating that UP “stands ready to cooperate in studying how such a line can best connect to our existing rail system”, and that “This is indeed an exciting project and UP looks forward to working with you and your representatives”. It can also be said that fundamentally, any Class 1 railroad would be interested in looking at an opportunity presented by any alternative that would allow them to move cargo on uncongested rail lines; from a harbor with available, properly zoned land; and through a corridor that is not already congested with existing freight and passenger rail traffic. A new rail line from an underutilized port like Humboldt would meet these criteria.

Further NCRA supports the E/W study for Eureka

The group heading up the study:

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