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I have a question maybe our resident yardmaster could answer, but I read that the beautiful depot in Willits was built and owned by the NWP after the origional SP-style one burned down. My question is, when, if at all, did the NWP sell the depot to the CWR?


BTW, while were on topic about the CWR WIllits depot, what was/is the building looking left from the main? IT looks like a little shed or even small old bathroom.

THanks again!

-Chad Gustafson

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The small building might be an office. I asked Robert Hogan about it on one of his photos, and am awaiting his reply. I'll post his answer here.


Zachary M. Toler

If your looking at the depot from the Main, the building on the left is/was a lounge-stockroom when I worked for Sierra (Skunk Train) several years ago.  It has served many purposes over the years, I seem to remember hearing someone say it was a concession stand at one point. 


Not quite right, Chad. NWP moved the original SP Style 22 depot up to Longvale in 1914-15 after it built the present replacement depot across Commercial Street.

The NCRA inherited the present depot then sold it to the CWRR Inc (the company that went bankrupt). It remains with the present CWRR/Skunk Train (Sierra Northern Inc).

Not sure about the small shed south of the depot. It might be CWR's phone shack with the connection to the Fort Bragg dispatcher's office. Wires leading to it?

There used to be a freestanding Baggage Annex that was built in a style matching the main depot, but I haven't been to Willits in at least 11 years, so can't remember if that's still standing.

Per plans in the collections of the NWPRRHS. Three building, depot, restaurant and baggage room.



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