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Why did they remove the tracks from the Willits crossing?

I was looking on google maps, and i came across this crossing, but with no tracks, and  pile of something just sitting behind the former signal box. Can anyone tell me why or when they were removed from the road?,-123.3556504,3a,75y,153.15h,...!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sYtnhgMRXSPqLeAXBaQOHyg!2e0!5s20150301T000000!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

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Because when Caltrans improved the freeway, they bet on there never being a train through there ever again and opted to save the money.  If there ever is, Caltrans will have to replace the track.  San Rafael did the same with their Anderson Street extension some years back.  Now they are having to live with a grade crossing being installed across their new boulevard.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it doesn't.

Grumpy old Caltrans eh? I think they should have thought about it a bit more before they did it lol

quite possibly no feasable use for that crossing any more. i'm pretty sure that's the 1 i noticed when i was N bound out of Willits on June 2, and the rails had ben pulled out of the 1st driveway N of it on the google map u provided - looked like they'd ben gone awhile. these i'm sure were the 2 stops immediately out of "metro" Willits that convinced me to step on it to Fortuna.


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