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I know this is off subject for the NWP site but I'm in need of a recommendation.  Heading to Alaska on a cruise in June and want to know if anyone on here did any of the excursions on the WPYRR?  Which one would you recommend?

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for my trip, my dad and i got on a bus, were taken the Carcross and had a BBQ lunch and a sled dog ride, then were taken to Frasir where we got on the train and rode it all the way back to Skagway. It was my favorite day of the cruise.

Not such an off-topic.

Between 1927 and 1930 the following NWP narrow gauge coaches were sold to the White Pass & Yukon:

713, 714, 716, 717, 728, 731 and 732.

Renumbered in the 244-264 series, most of them are still in use.


Thanks guys for the info. Booked the round trip. I will keep those car numbers handy and try to get pictures to share


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