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The 1922 is (or was) one of my favorite locos on the nwp and I was just wondering where it’s been and why I haven’t been seeing much of it lately. (Granted, I haven’t been up to there to look for it in the past few months)

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lease up on it  does not have PTC installed on it


As well as the lease, it is a rail dinosaur from the previous century. Ex Burlington Northern, it was repainted in old SP colors with cheap paint probably to satisfy John who had a lot of photos of SP black widow locos in his office.   I always loved the sound of those Alco diesels running up rpms. 

RIP John Williams.

It's an EMD.

Do you think the nwp (or anybody) will put it back into service?

So you must be the Woodside guy.  Was testing.

Who’s the Woodside guy???


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