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What's the story with the Caboose in Petaluma today?

Noticed that today's (Sunday, June 5) northbound freight train through Petaluma had a caboose as the last car. What's the story there? Not an expert on cabooses but it seemed like pretty historic older model. I think it had number 1921 on it.

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A great question Drake.  We live in Burlingame and have noticed one in operation on occasion along the peninsula.  It's stationed in SSF and I believe they are used as shoving platforms these days.  However they use it, it makes me happy as heck to see one working in this day and age.

The NWP caboose would most likely be #1971, an ex-SP C-50-5 built in the mid-1970s.

Yeah they use them as shoving platforms. Why they took one north with them on the 5th I have no idea. 

Correct, it was 1971 and still said Southern Pacific. Was a flat top model (no upper cabin) or what ever you call these models. I could see that had at least one worker on board.


It's called a "Bay Window" style caboose.  Simply amazing to see NWP using the #1971 in 2016 on the end of a train.  Never say never in railroading.

Bob Hogan

You can see this caboose in my NWP special video

Looking at Andrews fine video of the arrival and travels of 1501, it looks like this 'boose was dropped off somewhere near Willowbrook along with 1922.  Southbound 2009 was picked up.

Must be some kind of plan to do something with the boose with 1922.


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